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How to become a reseller and grow your business in ICT

The fourth industrial revolution has brought disruptive trends and technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI), which are changing the way we live and work.

Arguably, it goes as far as causing businesses to rethink their business models and find something that will ensure business growth in the competitive digital era.

Dell EMC Partner Programme

According to Axiz, Dell EMC is a good starting point for solutions providers, cloud service providers, strategic outsourcers, system integrators, and original equipment manufacturers.

Dell EMC offers these businesses the opportunity to fast-track their success without requiring a large capital investment and high financial risk, by giving them the opportunity to sell DellEMC products and services in a well-established market to an existing customer base.

By becoming a reseller through Axiz, partners can benefit in multiple ways, but it ultimately boils down to generating revenue for your business – fast and with minimal input.

Axiz to host partner event

Dell EMC distribution partner Axiz is hosting an event, which will give customers insight into all the benefits they will get when joining the DellEMC Partner Programme, as well as all the requirements to qualify for it.

All those who attend the event will receive exclusive assistance from Axiz for partner registrations.

“Through the Dell EMC partner programme, partners are seeing exponential growth and unprecedented revenue fuelling their business, so they can invest in the future,” said Dell EMC.

What’s more is when partnering with Dell EMC through Axiz, partners gain access to the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio as well as other truly extraordinary, world-class partner programmes.

“It’s not just technology, it’s not just business, but rather the intersection of business, the industry’s best technology, and remarkable partners focused on how customers can realise extraordinary,” said Dell EMC.

Make sure you secure your spot and register for the event here.

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How to become a reseller and grow your business in ICT