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How technology has changed mattress selling and manufacturing

The advent of e-commerce has ushered in a new way of selling, buying, and advertising goods across the globe – making it convenient for consumers to order products from any location, and helping businesses reach a much wider audience at less expense.

This has become the standard for many retailers in every industry, allowing companies to reach and appeal to their audiences more effectively.

While e-commerce has greatly impacted point-of-sale, it is not the only thing that has changed.

In the bedding industry, for example, delivering a product that takes up a lot of space is sure to cause logistical challenges.

For this reason, mattress companies that have adopted an e-commerce model needed to change their product concept in order to pack and deliver their products economically.  Hence, the “mattress-in-a-box” was born.

South Africa’s first comfort-adjustable mattress-in-a-box – how it all started

South Africa’s first comfort-adjustable mattress-in-a-box was developed by Rudo Kemp, CEO of Sloom, after getting tired of selling mass-produced bed brands in a brick-and-mortar store, each with little to no differentiating features.

Kemp was driven to create a product that is aimed at simplifying the mattress buying experience and improving the overall sleeping experience.

“I wanted to create a new modern mattress with features that really contribute to better sleep – a mattress that I could recommend to anyone without worrying if the quality is good enough,” said Kemp.

What also contributed to the birth of Sloom was one of Kemp’s greatest challenges when shifting to the online world – how to help customers decide on which mattress to purchase without being able to lie on it.

To overcome the need to inspect the product before purchasing, Kemp started to play around with the idea of incorporating different comfort layers into one mattress, which would allow customers to change the firmness to their liking in the comfort of their own home.

This was possible for Kemp thanks to his experience of working in a foam factory. Kemp’s factory job entailed formulating new foam products, which only contributed to his knowledge of mattress engineering.

By honing his skills and knowledge gained in the foam factory and by focusing on the basic needs a mattress should fulfil, the Sloom mattress-in-a-box was born.


Using a state-of-the-art machine that compresses the mattresses and rolls them up into boxes, Sloom ships their products with courier services across South Africa – effortlessly and economically.

The compression machine allows Sloom to reduce the volume of each mattress by up to 70% without compromising the foam integrity or damaging the mattress.

“These technologies have allowed us to move past the old way of selling mattresses. We are not limited to a specific location or where we can deliver,” said Kemp. “With Sloom innovative packaging we can use courier services economically to ship anywhere in South Africa.”

100-night free trial

Besides selling directly to consumers and delivering straight to their door in their conveniently sized box, Sloom also offers a 100-night trial to give clients extra peace of mind.

It’s simple: try it out for 100-nights, and if you’re not satisfied, Sloom will arrange for the mattress to be collected – free of charge.

For more information, or to order, visit the Sloom website. Delivery is free of charge, and orders ship in 3-5 days.

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How technology has changed mattress selling and manufacturing