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5 series for conspiracy theorists and hoaxsters

For believers in UFOs, doomsday predictions and even the occasional sasquatch sighting, there’s a documentary series to stream on DStv Now.

Finding Bigfoot S1

finding bigfoot dstv now

They are called BFRO (the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization) and in the pilot of this six-episode docuseries they’re called to Prince of Wales Island, Alaska to investigate a recent spike in Sasquatch activity. But can they track the beast?

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Scientology and the Aftermath

Leah Remini Scientology and the Aftermath

Actress Leah Remini was a devout Scientologist for 34 years before she left. Since then she’s become its biggest critic, exposing practices of intimidation, abuse and worse… interviewing former members about their experiences.

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The Last Pope


Is there an old prophecy that not only predicted each pope for the last millennium but has named the current pope as the last? This provocative documentary looks into a claim that, if correct, could even spell the dawn of an apocalypse.

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In Search Of

in search of series dstv now_big

Zachary Quinto has acted in his share of weird and wonderful productions, but here he goes searching for the reality behind some of the world’s biggest mysteries. From aliens to AI, the afterlife to Atlantis, each episode looks at all the angles to find the truth.

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Alcatraz Escape: The Lost Evidence

Alcatraz Escape The Lost Evidence

In 1962 the Anglin brothers and an accomplice escaped from Alcatraz Prison, a feat some still consider impossible. Presumed dead, they were never caught. But over the decades a growing body of evidence, studied in this documentary, suggests they made it after all…

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5 series for conspiracy theorists and hoaxsters