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How an online retailer safeguards their website with Cloudbric from Hetzner

“As an online retailer, security and the protection of customer data is of the utmost importance to us. That’s why Cloudbric seemed necessary: it provides an added layer of defence.”

A secure website

“Our website means everything to our business,” says Vicki Berry, co-owner of Essentially Natural, an online retailer specialising in all-natural beauty, grooming and wellness products.

“We provide an easy and trusted shopping experience for thousands of eco-conscious South Africans, with our website as our exclusive means of doing business. It’s where we sell our products, yes, but it’s also where we connect and engage with our customers, who benefit from the resources, advice, e-books and recipes that we provide,” explains Vicki.

With such a vital online presence, it was essential to choose the right hosting provider and the right security solution. “Choosing Hetzner as our hosting partner was an easy decision to make when we were pursuing an online platform and shopping cart in 2014,” explains Vicki. “For many years, I’ve relied on the trusted and informed support from what I believe is the best in local hosting.”

Why Cloudbric?

The peace of mind that Vicki has always felt from Hetzner is now mirrored in her experience with Cloudbric, which acts as a website firewall , guarding her website against hackers that look for ways to exploit weaknesses in the website’s code. Hetzner is responsible for the uptime and security of its network and servers, while Cloudbric takes care of website-level security . An added layer of protection, which Vicki wanted because her website gathers customer data and uses a payment platform.

“To be frank,” says Vicki, “I pay attention to products and services that Hetzner advocates and includes as part of their offering. I know they’ve done their homework!”

A good decision

Vicki decided to install Cloudbric when she realised that her website was being targeted, with spambots completing the website’s contact form and multiple shopping carts created with fake purchases of high-value items, creating stock management issues for the business.

“Hetzner’s network-level security helped to a point, but it was obvious that at website-level, we were not protected enough. Immediately after we installed Cloudbric, we saw an improvement. The service allowed us to block country IPs, which stopped our website being targeted,” explains Vicki.

“We felt caught off-guard by the level of attacks, given that we are still a small, local business with good systems in place. Thanks to the Cloudbric dashboard, we’re more informed about security events that we’re exposed to, and that are being repelled by Cloudbric. What I really like about Cloudbric is the feeling of control and self-management.”

A convenient, trusted shopping experience

Essentially Natural links thousands of conscious consumers with the best natural ingredients and honest products which are genuinely good for their health (and have a low impact on the environment). They give their customers control over what they put in and on their bodies and into the environment. All on one platform, and conveniently delivered to their door.

“When it comes to website security, I really appreciate how accessible Cloudbric has made it for us to stay informed at a business owner level rather than just at a website development level,” says Vicki.

With Cloudbric, Essentially Natural has one less thing to worry about. #ThanksCloudbric!

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How an online retailer safeguards their website with Cloudbric from Hetzner