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What choosing AxizCloud will mean for your customers’ Azure journey

Moving on-premise infrastructure into the cloud holds many benefits, from modernising applications to reduced capital expenditure and recurring maintenance costs.

Microsoft’s public Cloud platform, Azure helps with building, testing, deploying, and managing applications, and allows for data storage to be scaled up or down to meet customer demand.

However, it can be daunting for a reseller to try to understand Azure, embrace it, and rapidly implement it for their customers.

AxizCloud for Azure deployment

For this reason, AxizCloud offers guidance, support, maintenance, and monitoring to cloud-enablement partners through the Microsoft Cloud Service Provider Programme.

This allows AxizCloud to provide licences to their partners, so they can get the best software available for their customers’ needs that keeps their cloud environments optimised.

Axiz has a team of experts in their Microsoft business unit for Office 365 and Azure implementations, and works with their partners in conjunction with their end-customers to make sure they’re using Azure optimally.

As Azure in Microsoft can scale up and down, it prevents a lot of high-risk, big investments upfront, as you only pay for what you consume.

Cloud-enablement partners that have partnered with Axiz have said they have found it imperative to use their tools and their platform to assist them in monitoring costs, getting reports for those costs, and also making sure customers don’t end up with surprise billing.

Axiz is a solutions aggregator, which ensures their partners receive holistic, first-tier solutions from us, and we have dedicated teams across a lot of our brands,” said Traci Maynard, Executive for Axiz Microsoft.

To find out more, watch the video below and go to the Axiz website.

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What choosing AxizCloud will mean for your customers’ Azure journey