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How to use the DStv Now app as the ultimate TV guide

As the world shifts to everything digital, online is starting to replace many forms of traditional media. With the on-demand economy, there is also an increase in demand for mobile-first content, as more customers rely on mobile connections to stay in touch and keep informed.

DStv has recently discontinued the DStv Premium magazine and is encouraging subscribers to use the TV Guide function on their DStv Now app to find out what’s showing, and when.

Follow the steps below to navigate the schedule in the DStv Now app and see what’s on.

1. Download and open the DStv Now app from Google Play or The App Store.

2. Tap the More button; then go to TV Guide.

3. Select the channel you’d like to see the schedule for, and then scroll down to see what’s showing.

4. If you’d like to watch something that’s showing at that moment, tap on it, and hit Watch Live.

5. If you’d rather record it to watch later, tap Record and watch it on your decoder at home.

6. DStv Now also has a big library of shows and movies on demand.  To see what’s available to stream, go to Catch Up.

Now you can see what’s showing anywhere anytime with the DStv Guide on your phone or tablet.

How to get DStv Now

DStv Now is the online version of DStv and with it, DStv subscribers can watch their favourite channels on just about any device – without being near their decoder.

With DStv Now, subscribers can see all the same channels they can on their decoder at home, but on their smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer, smart TV, or XBox.

Register for DStv Now here »

Once you’re registered, download the DStv Now app, available for Android and iOS and log in to watch.

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How to use the DStv Now app as the ultimate TV guide