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Improve your system’s performance with Crucial SSDs

There are few things more frustrating in the world than a slow computer.

Whether you are performing complex tasks like video editing and programming, or are just using basic software like Microsoft Office – a painstakingly slow computer will render you frustrated, and will reduce your productivity.

Buying a new computer can be incredibly expensive, and performing a comprehensive upgrade is also time consuming and costly.

Thankfully, there is a much simpler and more affordable way to improve your system’s performance.

Simply upgrading your SSD or memory can on its own provide a substantial boost to the performance of your computer.

Storage is something that many users don’t associate with computer performance. Rather, they focus exclusively on how much storage space the hardware offers.

However, the performance of your storage drive is key in executing various important tasks, such as booting up your computer, loading apps, and opening files. There is nothing worse than sitting at the office, waiting impatiently as your computer takes forever to turn on, or load the program you need to use – and sub-par or dated storage hardware is likely to cause this to happen.

Crucial SSDs

If you’re interested in upgrading your storage drive, look no further than Crucial’s comprehensive range of SSDs.

Crucial SSDs are industry-leading storage devices and are over 13 times faster than a typical hard drive.

Additionally, they are over twice as energy efficient as traditional hard-drives – meaning you get increased performance while lowering your energy bill!

You would think that such a high-performance device would be more prone to failing, but they are more durable than traditional hard drives because they don’t use moving parts.

Crucial’s MX-series SSDs even provide encryption and other advanced features – ensuring you’ve got the best storage solution you could possibly ask for.

Crucial is a part of Micron, meaning that they offer significant compatibility benefits due to Micron’s extensive reach across the storage and memory business.

Crucial P1 SSD

Crucial’s flagship SSD is the P1, which uses the latest NVMe PCIe technology.

NVMe PCIe technology provides exponentially greater performance than traditional SATA mechanical storage devices.

SSD technology also uses less power than mechanical storage devices, with the Crucial P1 SSD using just 100mW of power.

This powerful SSD comes in a M.2, 22 x 80mm form factor, and offers storage capacity of up to 2TB.

The P1 can read and write up at speeds up to 2,000 and 1,750 MB/s respectively.

Crucial’s P1 SSD also offers Micron’s 3D QLC NAND Flash technology, which increases the number of bits stored in each cell.

This enables the P1 to pack more performance for its size, which in turn lowers costs for your business.

This QLC technology also reduces the rack space required by business by as much as 7.7 times when compared to the equivalent HDD – saving your business money on multiple levels.

For all the Crucial P1 SSD’s specifications, visit its official product page here.

Once you’ve installed your P1 SSD using the easy-to-follow instructions at, you can rest assured that you’ll have access to optimal storage performance and a remarkable 1.5 million hours life expectancy – equating up to a 400TB total bytes written (TBW) figure.

As an additional benefit, Crucial P1 SSD owners have access to a limited five-year warranty.

Crucial memory

Crucial also offers powerful memory options, ensuring that you can perform various tasks with ease, without each task slowing down your computer’s performance.

Crucial memory is easy to install, and even offers its users a limited lifetime warranty.

This warranty, combined with the fact that Crucial tests all its components and modules to ensure their reliability, ensures that you’re getting only the most effective hardware.

Find the right Crucial hardware for your computer

For further assistance when deciding which Crucial SSD or memory type is best for you, you can use this Micron configurator, provided by Syntech, to discover which Crucial product is compatible with your current hardware. This tool ensures guaranteed system compatibility, while keeping your choice between different SSDs and memory options simple.

Crucial SSDs and memory are available at all major retailers, including Incredible Connection, Matrix Warehouse, Takealot, and Computer Mania.

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Improve your system’s performance with Crucial SSDs