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Insuretech start-up Granadilla charged to disrupt the South African insurance landscape

Insurance hasn’t changed much over the years. For decades, it has been the same expensive monthly cost for something you can’t touch and might never see.

However, insurance is still necessary to cover for valuable items that may get lost, damaged, or stolen – which you either can’t live a day without or can’t replace unless you save up for it for another 10 years – and let’s face it, the odds that something tragic might happen are just too high.

While insurance hasn’t changed much, the world has, which is why leading South African insurtech company Granadilla offers you something fresh.

What makes Granadilla different

This unorthodox, cheeky, #NoFilter insurer is all about disruption and unsettling the traditional insurance model by adopting a customer-centric culture, which – before Granadilla – was conveniently eluded the insurance sector.

They offer instant coverage for all your favourite personal items – from mobile phones and tablets to travel – but done differently.

“We are here to solve a broken industry that is full of mistrust, is complicated, lacks empathy, is expensive, is marred by fraud, is not at all transparent, and ultimately is, very much a grudge purchase,” says Jonathan Walker, CEO of Granadilla.

Granadilla prioritises replacing your lost or damaged possessions, fast, by leveraging the latest and best technologies to automate processes that make sure your valuables are covered – and take the “urgh!” out of insurance.

This means there are no endless waiting periods because of poor customer service, no complicated processes, no call centres that will put you on hold, fewer overheads, and ultimately, more affordable premiums for you.

Even claiming is different

Claiming is usually the hardest part of the insurance process, but Granadilla has undertaken the task of making it the easiest part.

“We believe that claiming should be easy-peasy-Granadilla-squeezy, which is why instead of using ordinary claims processes, we use AI to facilitate our entire claims process and are able to ensure your peace of mind instantly,” said Jonathan Walker, CEO of Granadilla.

To log a claim, all you have to do is log into your account through the app and upload a video of yourself telling Granadilla’s claims bot Wayde what happened.

You’ve guessed it – no paperwork, no call centres. Just swipe, tap, upload, and Granadilla chicken-dinner, your replacement is on the way.

They’re all about easy sign-ups, speedy claims and cash back in your wallet – no points or pips, real cash back.

To experience insurance the way it should be done, add more flavour to your life, or find out more, visit the Granadilla website.

This article was published in partnership with Granadilla.

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Insuretech start-up Granadilla charged to disrupt the South African insurance landscape