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How to spur growth with intelligent, unified communications

The tech landscape expands year on year. Technology gets smarter and customers become more cultivated. With this, however, their expectations also rise exponentially.

This means that for businesses in every sector there is pressure to evolve with technology at a rate faster than their consumers. This will in turn prepare them for the future and enable them to meet their customers’ expectations before those expectations are even formed.

While there is much buzz around artificial intelligence, machine learning, and virtual reality, other trends to consider that will help businesses evolve in the tech sphere include ever-improving customer communication models.

According to, these aspects will come into play as we progress through 2019 and will impact how we interact with customers.

Conversational Commerce

In today’s modern age, brands can no longer get away with a sales process in which consumers have to switch from one platform to another.

Conversational Commerce allows businesses to start and complete an entire transaction with a customer through one messaging channel.

It enables users to arrange tasks through a natural dialogue in an effort to provide convenience and personalisation.

Those in ecommerce, for example, can use a unified messaging channel to recommend and sell products in a single chat conversation. When integrated with a Customer Data Platform and a mobile payment solution, the possibilities are endless.

Customer Data Platform (CDP)

CDP brings all your marketing data together to create a 360-degree profile of your customers, and can orchestrate and automate communication with your customers or leads.

This has been the promise of many marketing data solutions, but it is only recently, through big data technology and open API’s, that market leaders like have become able to deliver on this vision.

The better your understanding of a customer, the better you can target them with information that is relevant to them.

If you truly want to connect with your customers and build on that relationship – there should be a conversation and a convenient opportunity for response, instead of only pushing raw information that customers find intrusive and irrelevant.

CDP enables businesses to better segment their customers and provide them with information relevant to them, as every conversation can be geared towards every individual on their terms.

CPaaS and multi-channel 

According to, messaging apps as a customer service channel is no longer something to aspire to in the future – it’s a must-have right now, as it provides an opportunity to forge meaningful and lasting customer relationships.

The reason for this is because multiple messaging apps are convenient for customers. With this in mind, businesses must effectively engage their customers on their preferred channels, including messaging apps, SMS, and voice.

CPaaS, or Communication Platform as a Service, enables companies to manage all communication channels from one well-organised and user-friendly platform.

Companies can integrate CPaaS into their business processes for real-time communication with customers and thereby drive growth.’s CPaaS solution offers an all-round multi-channel platform to streamline your processes and inturn provide a seamless experience for your customers – the ultimate goal of customer centricity.

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How to spur growth with intelligent, unified communications