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In recent years, software went from being a support function of business to an innovation centre, becoming the essential competitive differentiator for most businesses of every vertical and size.

This has led to exponential growth for organisations around the globe. However, it has not been without its challenges and high-profile breaches.

According to Micro Focus Software Security Research’s 2018 Application Security Risk Report, 80% of applications contain at least one critical or high vulnerability while 90% of security incidents are from exploiting defects in the design or code of software.

Not only do applications provide one of the easiest points of entry for cybercrime, but the cost to remediate security flaws is 30 times more expensive in production, and 10 times more in testing, than if they were caught in the early stages of development – as according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

When security vulnerabilities are found in late stages, organisations are under more pressure, which can result in friction between teams, missed release deadlines or worse.

Releases with known security defects are also being pushed to production in order to meet project timelines, in which case businesses and their customers risk being exposed to attackers. What’s more is that the net result of a breach is more than just a hit on your stock price – it’s a hit on your operations and reputation.

Facing the challenges with a holistic application security solution

From engagements with more than 40,000 customers around the globe, Micro Focus has found that the best way to face these challenges is by making application security an integral part of the software lifecycle without creating additional burdens for the stakeholders.

“Whether it’s taking a DevSecOps approach, or just creating a more effective security program, businesses should prioritise security from the very early stages of the lifecycle,” said Brett Skinner, Senior Security Sales Manager, Micro Focus South Africa.

Application security best practices and testing should be built into the entire software development lifecycle process. When executed the right way, this also means that you don’t need to compromise on application security in order to achieve those faster release cycles that are being driven by the market.

The old approach of hand-to-hand combat is a bygone. Today you need a modern holistic application security solution.

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