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Get real cover for travel mishaps with a refreshingly cheeky offering from Granadilla

Granadilla, a leading insurance agent in South Africa, is shaking up the notoriously frustrating insurance industry through world-class AI technology that facilitates easy sign-ups, instant cover, speedy claims and low premiums.

Unlike most traditional insurance offerings, Granadilla is changing the game by offering bold and refreshing products that prioritise customer needs and lifestyle and understands the pains that often come with having to insure valuables and luxuries.

Striving for transparency, fairness and helpfulness, Granadilla has designed its business model to fit the needs of modern-day life.

Granadilla’s handy app uses Artificial Intelligent (AI) bots to process requests and information, which means help is right at your fingertips, all the time.

The app, through AI and machine learning, uses bots (Nandi and Wayde) to process requests, which allows Granadilla to accelerate and improve sign-ups, customer service, claims and other generally tedious and protracted processes associated with insurance.

Granadilla’s newly launched travel insurance

New to Granadilla’s insurance offering is travel.  From as little as R1.64 per day, you can get travel insurance for travel delay. Through the app, Granadilla puts the power in your hands to customise your cover to suit your travel needs and budget.

Travel delay cover comes as a standard provision with Granadilla onto which you can add a basket of additional cover options – the choice is all yours.

  • Travel delay: When your flight number on the departures board goes red, it can mean that you might miss your connecting flight, your hotel booking, and your museum tour. Don’t worry – Granadilla’s got you covered.
  • Car hire excess: Sometimes it’s not even your fault, but sometimes it is. If you choose to add this optional extra coverage, Granadilla travel insurance will cover your car hire excess.
  • Baggage: There’s nothing like getting to your destination safely with everything running smoothly, only for you to find out that your baggage is lost or stolen. If you’re #CoveredByGranadilla for baggage theft however, you can at least replace your things without burning a hole in your pocket.
  • Natural disaster: While earthquakes, tsunamis and even floods cause devastation and disaster, they can also ruin your holiday. Natural disaster cover will have your back when you’re caught in any of these types of emergencies.
  • Visa issues: The friendly folks at the visa offices have a minor reputation for not giving a fruit fly about when your flights are or if you make it or not. If you’re going abroad this is an important optional cover to include in your package.
  • Trip cancellation: What many of us don’t realise is that some airlines and hotels don’t refund you for cancelled journeys, which is why we highly recommend getting cover so you can reschedule your trip.

Granadilla allows you to choose what you want and only pay for what you choose.

How to get cover and add items to your policy with Granadilla

Here’s how to get cover for travel delays and other mishaps with the easiest insurance on the market – it just takes three easy steps.

  1. Download the app on the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Tell Granadilla’s AI hostess Nandi, who will help you determine a premium that suits your needs, about yourself.
  3. Watch Granadilla have your back when something happens.

By downloading and signing up through the app, Granadilla gets all your information and documents upfront, to make claiming later quick and painless.

Adding items to your policy is just as simple. Watch the video below for a quick demo.

GRANADILLA (PTY) LIMITED, (Reg. No. 2018/006948/07) is a juristic representative of BRYTE INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED (Reg. No. 1965/006764/06). Policies are underwritten by Bryte Insurance Company Limited, a registered insurer and authorised financial services provider. (FSP #: 17703).

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Get real cover for travel mishaps with a refreshingly cheeky offering from Granadilla