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The HPE Gen10 Series is a game changer!

As the IT world around us rapidly changes and technology gets smarter, so do threats. As a result, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) reacted to these changes and developed the world’s most secure industry servers using Persistent Memory and Intelligent System Tuning, thus creating the HPE Gen10 Servers. Axiz, a proud and reliable channel partner of HPE, are distributors of the HPE Gen10 Series.

Axiz provides you with access to over 50 of the world’s leading technology brands to deliver tailored solutions for your specific business needs. Their solutions team and skilled sales force are capable of aggregating Edge, Core, Cloud and Software effectively in line with your requirements.

What makes the Gen10 Servers the world’s most secure industry standard servers?

They have AI-driven operations that optimise performance and prevent and predict problems by combining cloud-based machine learning with health and performance monitoring. They transform how your infrastructure is managed and supported by adding simplified, AI-driven operations to your hybrid cloud.

The Gen10 Servers are equipped with HPE Persistent Memory and HPE NVDIMMs (Non-Volatile Dual Inline Memory Modules). The first NVDIMM in the market was designed around HPE server platforms and are available in 8GB or 16GB. The DRAM has a high performance/low latency. The NAND flash has persistent storage while the HPE Smart Storage Battery has backup power for the NVDIMM. HPE servers are also configured with SmartMemory helping you to achieve up to 4x improvement in performance and is ideal for data-intensive database and analytic workloads.

The Gen10 servers offer unique security features down to the silicon. The HPE Secure Compute Lifecycle offers best-in-class innovations in firmware protection, malware detection and firmware recovery.

What makes this generation of servers different from the previous generation?

The Gen10 servers are ultimately faster, more reliable and efficient than other industry servers and the new generation boosts performance by 71% compared to the previous generation. It also holds the World Record performance for business apps and virtualisation by HPE Synergy. There are 323 teraflops per rack with the HPE Apollo Gen10 server.

The HPE Gen10 server family consists of HPE ProLiant DL, HPE ProLiant ML, HPE Infosight, HPE Apollo Systems, HPE Synergy, HPE BladeSystem and HPE ConvergedSystem 500 to meet the different requirements your business may have.

HPE and Axiz also give you the ability to pay only for server resources used, scaling on demand without overprovisioning or incurring exponential costs. Flexible payment models align with business outcomes and can scale based on unpredictable future needs.

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The HPE Gen10 Series is a game changer!