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The easy way to run an ecommerce business in South Africa

The ecommerce landscape in South Africa is changing rapidly and it is now possible for businesses to run a successful online store without a website, warehouse logistics, or product delivery services.

Many retailers are selling their products online through marketplaces on Takealot, Makro, and Bidorbuy.

Using a marketplace removes the need for a business to develop and manage its own website, which allows it to focus on sourcing desirable products and marketing these products.

Many of these businesses also outsource the most challenging part of an ecommerce operation – warehousing and delivery.

The leading outsourced ecommerce logistics player in South Africa is Parcelninja, which offers online businesses a complete fulfilment solution.

An online shopping business simply drops their products at the Parcelninja warehouse, and they take care of everything else – storage, inventory management, product packaging, and delivery.

The company therefore makes sure that a product is delivered quickly and professionally after it was sold through an online shop.

“IT and marketing people – the guys who typically start ecommerce shops – do not like to pack boxes and write labels for couriers. This is why we exist,” Parcelninja CEO Justin Drennan explained.

“We offer a complete outsource solution for online shops, which allows them to focus on selling more products and making more money,” said Drennan.

For more information about Parcelninja’s offering, visit the Parcelninja website.

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The easy way to run an ecommerce business in South Africa