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Trade on over 120 global markets while saving on fees with Mexem

Investing is a complex endeavor, but it can offer big rewards if you know what you’re doing. As an investor, your time should be spent analyzing the markets – not worrying about the investment process or costs.  That’s why you should choose the investment platform that is highly intuitive and offers fantastic rates: Mexem.

Mexem in South Africa

Mexem acts as an ‘introducing broker’ in emerging markets for the largest trading platform in the US, Interactive Brokers (currently rated as the best online broker by Barron’s). This means that Mexem adjusts the Interactive Brokers offering to each market, assisting clients with opening accounts, trading and understanding what options are best-suited to them. Impressively, Mexem doesn’t charge their clients a cent beyond the fees charged by Interactive Brokers itself.

Mexem and Interactive Brokers enable South African investors the opportunity to trade on over 120 markets worldwide, in 23 different currencies, all at very competitive prices.

Save money on trading fees

As an investor, your primary goal is to make money. To do this, it is crucial that you use the platform that offers the best fee structure, thereby reducing your costs and maximizing your investment profits.

Mexem offers South African investors extremely low fees. These low fees are hard to match for Mexem’s South African competitors, who lack the scale of Mexem and Interactive Brokers.

Trading fees across various platforms for retail clients trading in the US market
Platform Commission per trade Minimum commission (USD)
FNB 0.35% of value 20
Old Mutual 0.35% of value 20
ABSA 0.25% of value 20
Standard Bank $6c per share 20
Sanlam $3c per share 20
Saxo $2c per share 15
Mexem (clients with <USD 5000) $3c per share 3.5
Mexem (clients with >USD 5000) $1c per share 1

Mexem certainly looks like it beats the competition, but to illustrate just how remarkable Mexem’s pricing is, we compared the trading fees for a purchase of 10 stocks of on each platform.

Trading fees to purchase 10 shares of Inc (USD)*

Maxem Amazon costs
*Based on a price per share of $1780.75

As you can see, it is substantially cheaper to use Mexem’s investment platform than any of the other current major players that we compared it to in South Africa. For institutional clients the difference between Mexem and its competitors can be even larger.

Additionally, while most other players charge management fees, Mexem does not charge clients any fees above the trading costs. This means that if you don’t trade you don’t pay a cent   – there are no management or hidden fees.

Between the incredibly low trading fees and the market-leading Interactive Brokers platform, there really is only one choice when it comes to choosing a trading platform.

Sign up to Mexem’s trading platform today and get investing!

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Trade on over 120 global markets while saving on fees with Mexem