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Does moving to the cloud terrify you?

Cloud is disrupting traditional IT faster than we think. Have you thought about Azure? Collaborating with Axiz on your Cloud journey can relieve any concerns companies may have about Cloud adoption.

Microsoft’s announcement of their Johannesburg and Cape Town datacentres going live, has sparked much excitement in the reseller channel and with end customers alike.

Why Azure?

It has been well publicised that there are a few Hyperscale cloud vendors bringing their datacentres to our shores; AWS, Microsoft and Huawei to name a few, which will help counter local concerns about latency, governance, and data sovereignty.

Microsoft Azure has built-in security controls and intelligence to easily identify and respond to threats and security gaps. If you are worried about data security in the cloud, don’t be. In addition, Azure meets a broad set of international and industry-specific compliance standards.

To date Microsoft has 54 regions with their datacentres around the globe, which is more than any other Cloud Provider. View the services available for our region here.

Why AxizCloud?

Axiz is a Microsoft Gold Cloud certified indirect provider offering services to resellers across South Africa and Africa alike.

Axiz Azure experts are on hand to support you via phone or video chat. Axiz delivers Microsoft CSP via AxizCloud, which is self-owned and developed cloud services aggregation platform capable of provisioning, managing and billing sourced from multiple vendors.

In addition, AxizCloud offers key features as part of their portal functionality via the tenant directly.  As Azure consumption is billed in arrears (based on consumption), there is a possibility that consumption may be higher than the customer may have expected or budgeted for.  The integrated functionality includes setting a monthly limit in ZAR or USD in the tenant.  In that way, key contacts are notified by either email or SMS on the value that has been consumed to date, well in advance so no surprises for either party.  The opportunity for new business conversations with end users is very evident.

As noted by Traci Maynard, Microsoft Executive at Axiz, “We have seen a tremendous uptake in Azure consumption by our partner channel over the last year and we look forward to working with more of them to increase the explosion into doing business in the cloud”. “As Axiz our investment in cloud skills will continue as we ensure our partners are equipped to sell cloud.”

Axiz Azure Partner Incentive

Available to all Axiz partners in South Africa, Axiz’s Microsoft Azure Partner incentive rewards all Axiz registered partners for creating a NEW Azure subscription via AxizCloud and CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) between 2 April and 30 June 2019.

Axiz will fund up to $1,000 for three end customers per partner, for the duration of this campaign, with a deal eligibility of $300 per subscription to qualify. (Average $333 per end customer totalling $1,000).

To get started with Azure, customers must follow these easy steps:

The incentive is applicable to new Azure subscriptions only, and resellers with an AxizCloud account must ensure it is up to date to qualify. Suspended and trial licences do not qualify.

At the end of the campaign, Axiz will do a reconciliation to validate results. This partner incentive is valid from 2 April to 30 June 2019, and the consumption as of 5 July 2019 (less any credits), will be calculated.

Axiz is part of the Alviva Holdings Group and has been a trusted IT channel aggregator for more than thirty years in Southern Africa, and has recently attained Gold Cloud competency status which puts them in a very strong position to guide their partners to solid cloud adoption.

For any queries, or to become a CSP reseller with Axiz, customers can register via, or contact the Axiz Microsoft team via [email protected].

To hear what partners have to say about Axiz and their cloud journey, watch this short video.

To hear the benefits of working with Axiz as your Indirect Provider, watch this short video.

To hear our partners talk about their Azure success with Axiz and the Microsoft team, watch this short video.

Contact the AxizCloud support desk via email here or contact the support desk telephonically via 011 082 2626 or 0800 390009. For after-hours support call 060 992 9971.

Axiz is an industry leading information technology value added distributor focused on solutions ranging from Edge Client Devices, Core Data Centre hardware, and software to Cloud software and services.

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Does moving to the cloud terrify you?