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SMAX simplifies service management for SA businesses

EOH, in partnership with Micro Focus, recently held an event outlining how it has successfully launched Micro Focus’ Service Management Automation X (SMAX) and Operations Bridge software as a solution for a major African broadcasting company.

EOH Application Management’s ITOM product manager, Chris Visagie, said that EOH chose to partner with Micro Focus and offer SMAX to its customers from February 2017, after witnessing the software’s capabilities.

Benefits of SMAX

SMAX is a powerful service management platform that utilises automation to optimise three key application areas into a single solution: IT Service Management (ITSM), IT Asset Management (ITAM), and Enterprise Service Management (ESM).

Both ITSM and ITAM are delivered out-of-the-box in SMAX and allow for codeless customisation using the SMAX Studio tool.

ESM, meanwhile, is based on this out-of-the-box content and also includes features like HR workflow management, ideation and proposal management, and portfolio optimisation. ESM can also be customised using SMAX Studio.

Features of particular interest included within the SMAX platform include dynamic catalogue offerings, natural language search functionality, and a smart search tool – which allows staff members to like and follow the tickets submitted by other users rather than creating duplicates.

One of the most beneficial elements of SMAX, particularly when hosted on the cloud, is the fact that it is regularly updated.

“On average, in the past, customers were about 2 years behind what we were delivering out of the factory. This was the same for all the traditional software vendors” said Kevin Leslie, global sales leader for ITOM at Micro Focus. “Agile DevOps and continuous delivery are going to be the new norm, and SMAX has it now.”

SMAX allows for the implementation of quarterly updates and the ability to apply them seamlessly, ensuring that customers always have access to the latest version and capabilities of the platform.

First South African customer

A major African broadcasting company is the first SMAX customer in South Africa, joining the international customer community. It sought to implement SMAX and Operations Bridge as a replacement for its older HP Service Manager system and five other tools including Jira after asking EOH to “show them something new.”

This company had specific requirements they wanted fulfilled by EOH and Micro Focus’s SMAX platform.

“We are flexible from a user requirement perspective,” said Visagie.

He said that an example of this was evident in the fact that it assisted the company to implement a segmented approach for certain information, since certain information is confidential and should not be accessible to most employees.

As part of this implementation, EOH helped to shift its platform from an on-premise platform to one that is situated completely in the cloud.

However, SMAX can be hosted anywhere – be it on-premise, private clouds, or public clouds – depending an enterprise’s needs.

Brilliant results

Following an exhaustive competitive evaluation, the implementation of SMAX has been a monumental success for this organisation.

The transition to SMAX has nearly doubled the capabilities available, and has also allowed them to automate a large number of processes.

As a result of this automation in SMAX and Operations Bridge, savings of around $220,000 in just 31 days thanks to cost avoidance has been realized.

Mean time to repair (MTTR) has also been reduced significantly as a result of this implementation of SMAX.

An example to follow

Visagie hopes that the good results achieved in the implementation of SMAX will encourage more businesses to considering implementing SMAX.

“We hope from a customer perspective that one customer doing it – disrupting the market – will help us to get more logos and bring this new enterprise service management platform to more customers in South Africa,” said Visagie.

Leslie echoes this sentiment, highlighting how this success with SMAX is a path that South African enterprises can follow.

“Customers want to hear from customers. So, getting them live, and moving from IT Service Management for South Africa to Enterprise Service Management for all of Africa is a pretty big change,” said Leslie.

“The business benefits that this organisation is showing are key. That’s what excites customers – not only is it transforming what they’re doing from a technology perspective, but it’s delivering a return on investment.”

For more information, download this white paper on Fast-Track Enterprise Service Management Applications with Codeless Configuration and this white paper on Operations Bridge.

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This article was published in partnership with Micro Focus.

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SMAX simplifies service management for SA businesses