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Datsun’s Go range offers real bang for your buck

If you’re looking for a hatchback on a budget that packs a surprising punch, there’s only one brand you should consider: Datsun.

The Datsun GO range is incredibly popular in South Africa thanks to its zippy performance, sporty look, and attractive price tag. The 2019 version is the best version yet and is available for purchase at Bidvest McCarthy Datsun.

The Datsun Go Mid and Lux vehicles are both fantastic options if you’re looking to get the best bang for your buck.

The Mid is the more affordable of the pair, while the Lux offers some additional benefits for a slightly larger price tag. Either way, #YourNextDatsun will not disappoint thanks to the remarkable value offered for such a low price.

Exterior features

The new Datsun GO has received a revamp in terms of its aesthetic this year, most notably installing an aggressive grille. The Lux version also offers new LED daytime running lights.

Thanks to its well-thought-out body shape and design, the Go exudes a sportiness far in excess of what you’d expect for a vehicle in its price range – one of the reasons that it has become such a popular vehicle in South Africa.

The Datsun GO Lux offers users the company’s innovative follow-me-home headlights – which keep your lights on long enough for you to get to your door at night.

Other features unique to the Lux include a rear wiper and washer, and alloy wheels – as opposed to the steel wheels on the Mid.

Interior features

While the exterior looks great, it’s when you step inside the new Datsun GO models that you truly realise quite how great the range is.

The interior is designed with a simplicity that exudes class – certainly a feel you don’t expect from such an affordable vehicle. It includes both air conditioning and Bluetooth – key features one wants in a new vehicle.

The Datsun GO range is anything but bare-bones, though. It also includes support for Android Auto and Apple Car Play, allowing you to utilise your smart devices while driving.

The system also includes Google Maps, app support, and even voice recognition. This is all powered by a 7-inch colour touch screen.

Driving experience

Datsun has placed a heavy focus on its safety precautions this year. Both the driver and passenger are now kept safe by airbags, while power steering and ABS are included on both the Mid and Lux.

This ensures that your driving experience is very safe, while if you were to get into an accident, you would still be protected.

The Datsun GO range is incredibly light on fuel. Its average fuel consumption figure of 5.2l/100km sets it apart as a low-consumption vehicle that is perfect for town driving.

Whether you prefer the Datsun GO Mid or the bonus features present in the Lux, one thing is clear – you should no longer be asking which brand your next vehicle be.

Instead, you should be deciding which of the Datsun Go Mid or Lux will be #YourNextDatsun.

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Datsun’s Go range offers real bang for your buck