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Managed Print Services gets businesses up to par

Technology evolves and becomes more intelligent every year. Because of this it’s no longer optional to use the best equipment in every department of your business.

This includes printers as document input and output can massively influence workflow, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Printer performance can also affect the security of a network environment if it is vulnerable to threats, as they often contains business-critical information – either on the printer itself or on printed pages – which can provide intruders with access to other devices on the network.

To combat this, IT professionals and senior decision makers must prioritise print security and align it with their core business objectives.

How Manged Print Services (MPS) streamline document processes

MPS optimises a company’s document output, as it helps businesses gain visibility and control of their printing.

This improves many variables including security, productivity, workflow, cost-effectiveness and ultimately future return on investments.

Technology Corporate Management (Pty) Ltd (TCM) – Managed Print Services (MPS)

To assist IT decision makers with this, TCM, which is an accredited service provider, provides end-to-end MPS.

Each service offering in their stack is unique and tailored to meet distinct business requirements.

TCM understands that the fundamental core of every solution is a comprehensive understanding of the client’s document input and output environment.

For that reason, TCM’s MPS team conducts an in-depth assessment that identifies the client’s current and future needs.

They then assist clients to design, develop and implement a print strategy that enables the client to work more efficiently.

TCM MPS core services include:

  • Hardware monitoring: This includes TCM’s Device Status Dashboard, which provides operators with the ability to view their fleet’s health at a glance and access device details.
  • Preventative maintenance: TCM offers periodic maintenance to MFP devices and printers, and should special maintenance be required, a proactive alert is sent to TCM.
  • Consumable management: TCM also monitors all consumable items. When consumables require replenishment, an automated alert is sent to TCM, who will supply consumables within 24 hours of the notification.
  • Reporting: TCM offers customised and flexible customer service reports on a monthly basis, prior to scheduled meetings.

With TCM MPS, devices will reliably deliver proactive services and ensure streamlined workflows.

Find a comprehensive and cost-effective MPS solution for your company with TCM today.

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Managed Print Services gets businesses up to par