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XDSL – the real deal in enterprise fibre

Many ISPs use terms such as Enterprise Fibre with minimal contention, acceptable usage policy, or usage based to promote fibre networking solutions to enterprises. However, these cannot actually be deemed Enterprise services.

True Enterprise Fibre and where to get it

According to Fibre provider XDSL, fibre was intended to be an Enterprise service, offering carrier class, predictable, and guaranteed point-to-point connectivity.

It should be 1:1, uncontended, have no acceptable usage policies, uncapped, unshaped, and have a QOS – which altogether guarantees speed.

XDSL provides a fully managed network solution designed specifically for large Corporate and Enterprise clients, allowing them to take advantage of controlled speed, capacity, reliability, and affordability.

XDSL’s True Enterprise Fibre complies with all the requirements for a true Enterprise solution. It is 1:1, uncontended, has no acceptable usage policy, is uncapped, unshaped, and has a QOS, as well as 6 International failovers geared to provide services to local and international clients.

They also have 4 different SLA’s to complement clients’ business continuity as well as a penalty matrix, making them one of the only ISP’s to confidently put their money where their mouth is.

This is because they are one of the few providers that really take the honesty approach – meaning they have no intention of misleading clients by saying that their product is truly 1:1 if it is not. Instead, they offer a true 1:1 proven service.

“In our world as an ISP it’s a big deal, because this means when we advertise a product “what you see is what you get,” said XDSL.  “We do not compromise on quality nor do we try and manipulate clients to buy something that is not really the truth in terms of customer experience and the received product.”

XDSL’s core competencies

Moreover, XDSL has the product, skills, and capabilities to service large clients – especially those with an international brand and presence.

The company has a national footprint in South Africa, and XDSL fibre terminates in over 16 data centres. Their robust network also stretches over 93 controlled POPs and over 210 shared POPs.

The founding members of XDSL have extensive international experience building and managing some of the largest networks in the world.

Their wealth of technical expertise and creativity is now being channelled into their commitment to on-going development at XDSL.

XDSL has also developed strong relationships with carefully selected vendors and Tier 1 carriers, and has a formidable network of business partners, which enables them to offer their customers enhanced solutions that other ISPs simply cannot match.

“We take pride in our ability to offer affordable products to businesses without having to cut corners, while simultaneously delivering unfailingly on our promise of hassle-free service,” said XDSL. “Our network is also owned and managed by ourselves ensuring that with our support team we can offer end to end support without any trouble.”

Forget about other ISPs and get True Enterprise Fibre suited to your Enterprise needs today. You can visit their website for more information, or contact XDSL by filling out this form.

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XDSL – the real deal in enterprise fibre