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A MikroTik router for every location

MikroTik is a world leader in the wired and wireless technology market and offers powerful hardware at a competitive cost.

Recently, MikroTik expanded its portfolio of LTE devices to include a range that caters to a variety of possible situations – ensuring that wherever you are, there is likely a MikroTik product that is perfectly suited to providing you with optimal connectivity.

Here are some of the scenarios and the MikroTik products that are designed specifically for them.

Rural Locations

The MikroTik LHG LTE is a 17dBi outdoor CPE and is designed to be installed in outlying areas where significant distances to towers inhibits the provision of sustainable access to bandwidth.

The LHG LTE CPE does not require long antenna cables that which would usually attenuate signal. Instead, all you would need is access to a single Ethernet cable to connect it to your network, as it is powered through Power over Ethernet (POE).

Urban Locations

MikroTik’s WAP LTE CPE offers both an indoor and outdoor design, uses low-gain antennae and provides Wi-Fi connectivity over the 2.4GHz band.

There are numerous ways to power the WAP LTE CPE, while it also comes with a special connector for vehicles – ensuring you get strong connectivity even when you’re on the road.

The WAP LTE CPE also offers a dynamic design that makes it versatile – if it is in an area covered by LTE, it will be suitable for a powerful connection almost all the time.

The SXT LTE is designed specifically for outdoor use, and uses a 9dBi LTE antenna. It has a lower gain than the LHG LTE, but higher than most LTE routers will have. You can insert two different SIM cards to offer an alternative connection should one network fail for any reason.

Users can utilise its PoE-passthrough functionality if they would like to install an additional device alongside the SXT LTE. A good quality signal is needed to get the best use out of the LTE, and with such a connection, this CPE is particularly useful when used for high-bandwidth apps as well as VoIP or streaming.

Industrial use

The LTAP Mini CPE is a weatherproof router that offers 2.4GHz connectivity in a small form factor. Its wide input voltage range, combined with a robust design, makes it suitable for particularly harsh conditions – such as those present at industrial sites.

It can be DIN rail-mounted if you use an additional mounting accessory, while its dual sim card slots and GPS capabilities are ideal for vehicle fleets – providing these vehicles with Wi-Fi access and tracking capabilities.

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A MikroTik router for every location