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Optimise customer care with the WhatsApp Business solution

WhatsApp is indispensable to the customer journey, as consumers spend hours on messaging channels daily. Research shows that messaging has become important to build meaningful relationships with customers. In fact, Epsilon research also shows that 80 percent of consumers are more likely to do business with a company if it offers a personalised experience.

Further to that, a study by Forbes has found that 87 percent of millennials use between two and three tech devices at least once daily. As Millennials make up a significant portion of audiences today, it is important that marketers find new ways in which to foster stronger relationships with Millennial shoppers.

Being more human and embracing conversational commerce is the key – built on the idea of genuine, helpful engagement between brands and customers on the channels which are most convenient for them.

One of the key preferences when considering customer service with Millennials is text rather than call. Millennials tend to favour communications that are mobile and instant, as they can respond fast and while on the go.

Today, WhatsApp can be used by organisations as a platform to reach customers worldwide, build personal relationships, reduce pressure on customer service, and minimise friction on the path to purchase.

This is done through the WhatsApp Business solution. Its API allows customers to communicate with your business on their favourite channel, keeping customer centricity at the heart of business.

Why WhatsApp is essential to customer contact

Here are some stats that show why it is important to offer your customers the option of communicating with you through WhatsApp.

  • 89% of consumers expect brands to respond within 24 hours.
  • 80% of consumers consider experience as crucial as goods or services.
  • 52% of consumers have switched brands because of poor customer service.
  • The ability to message a business on WhatsApp boosts customer confidence.
  • 74% of consumers repeatedly used WhatsApp to message a business.

From time-critical notifications to general customer care enquiries and 24/7 chat assistance – the WhatsApp Business solution offers the opportunity for seamless and rich conversations with your customers across various industries, including eCommerce, retail, financial services and hospitality.

Two ways to chat

Once a customer opts-in to receiving messages from your business, there are two ways to chat.  Either you can initiate a conversation by sending notifications via Message Templates, or the customer can initiate a conversation with your business.

Whenever a customer contacts or replies to you, a customer care window is opened for 24-hours, through which you can engage with customers without a fee.

The customer care window ends 24-hours after the last message is sent by the end-user, and will restart each time the customer sends you a message. After 24-hours, you will only be able to send a notification via the pre-approved Message Templates.

The purpose of a customer care window and the limitation in messaging possibilities outside that time frame is to ensure the quality of WhatsApp as a customer care channel for customers to engage with their business.

Why choose for integrating with the WhatsApp Business solution is a solution provider of the WhatsApp Business API. This means they offer approval and rapid on-boarding. With, you will receive a dedicated customer success manager who will keep you updated throughout the process.

They can also help you set up and manage a complete, multi-channel platform to support your customers with their Business Messaging API. also integrates the WhatsApp Business API into their own Customer Contact solution. This means that you can unify multiple messaging channels like SMS, WhatsApp, and others into one console. Moreover, if you’re using a different helpdesk support software and prefer not to switch, you can easily enable WhatsApp into their platform via’s API.

Want to start using the WhatsApp Business API to improve your customer care? Visit today.

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Optimise customer care with the WhatsApp Business solution