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Fujitsu – The market leader in document scanners

Everything is going digital, and it’s time for business’ paper intensive processes to follow suit.

Paper-based filing systems are a cash drain on businesses due to the costs of filing, archiving, and the long-term storage of records.

Additionally, studies have shown that employees spend as much as 20% of their day searching for information. The digitisation of data can reduce this time wastage significantly thanks to the power of document management software.

Optimising businesses

Anyone who has ever struggled to find an important document within their physical filing system will know just how complicated and inhibiting a paper system can be. That’s why scanners are practically a necessity for any business with filing systems in place – allowing for the easy retrieval of documents thanks to the power of digital storage and search functionality.

Another benefit of digitising a business’ documents is that it makes it incredibly easy to share documents between employees or with clients – either directly through platforms like email, or by uploading them to the cloud.

Additionally, the superior security of digital documentation is one that businesses should not be taking lightly. Documentation can be stored behind a variety of powerful security measures, whereas a physical copy can get into the wrong hands,  go missing or be damaged with relative ease.

The market leader in scanners

It is therefore critical for businesses to have access to a scanning solution – allowing for the quick and easy digital storage of your important business documents. The initial investment will pay off many times over – both financially and practically.

Fujitsu is the number one scanner brand for businesses, offering class-leading scanners and award-winning platforms. Fujitsu is the second oldest IT company in existence and has a history and reputation for excellence that spans over 80 years.

Despite its age, Fujitsu continues to be at the forefront of innovation within the scanner markets, offering market-leading products that helps many businesses across the world operate efficiently.

Fujitsu offers a wide range of powerful scanners that remove the complication from the digitisation of documentation. Their scanners are reknown worldwide for reliability, the quality of the image processing and superior feeding mechanisms.

ScanSnap range

Fujitsu’s ScanSnap range is a popular, innovative range of scanners that offers users a one-touch, easy-to-use interface. The success of this range is evident – over 5 million units have been sold globally.

The ScanSnap range is particularly valuable for small business environments, and offers duplex multi-sheet scanning at an affordable price. It also offers for the easy linking of your scanned document to cloud accounts – further simplifying the process of digitisation.

ScanSnap iX1500

The recently-announced iX1500 scanner allows users to carry out pre-programmed scanning processes with the push of a single button.

It offers smart technology that automates processes and adapts to your individual work mannerisms, and offers powerful preview, management, tagging, and search functions – all with the express purpose of simplifying your processes.

SP range

The SP range offers larger businesses a simple yet powerful entry-point into the scanner market, offering powerful performance, intuitive functionality, and an easy-to-use design.

As part of the SP range, businesses will gain access to an efficient, powerful document scanning software suite – further simplifying the process of taking your documents digital.

Fi Range

Fujitsu’s award-winning fi Series scanners offer high-end performance at an affordable price.

These scanners can process up to 135 colour pages per minute and offer a variety of other powerful features. These include automated image clean-up, ultrasonic double-feed detection, and centralised administration.

Those who purchase fi Series scanners will also gain access to the best-in-class PaperStream IP and PaperStream Capture driver and image capturing/processing software.

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Fujitsu is always looking to engage with new partners who can benefit from adding a market-leading scanner brand to their catalogue of products. They have an award winning enablement platform that helps educate and raise awareness on the scan opportunity and an Imaging Rewards scheme rewarding you for your sales and engagement. Sign up to both today at

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Fujitsu – The market leader in document scanners