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LucidView’s whitelabel Internet content filter and reporting solution for IT Service Providers

LucidView’s powerful Content Filtering and Internet usage reporting solution is now available to IT Service Providers as a 100% whitelabel product.

This allows these IT Service Providers to offer a completely self-branded Content Filter and Internet Usage Reporting service to their customers.

LucidView previously sold a limited number of “LucidView Enforcers” as an appliance (with a small MikroTik router) directly to end users via Takealot in South Africa to launch the product and to prove that there is demand for this concept. The target sales via Takealot have been reached and the solution is proving to be stable and reliable. LucidView now no longer provides the solution to end users.

LucidView’s Enforcer is a cloud-based service that works with all MikroTik routers. If the IT Service Provider has a consolidated Internet breakout, then the solution can be hosted centrally on either a physical Cloud Core Mikrotik or in a VM environment. Alternately the IT Service Provider can provide the solution on smaller MikroTik routers installed at the IT Service Provider’s clients.

Powerful AI-based Content Filtering

LucidView’s Enforcer Content Filtering solution is powered by their own “Rabobi” web crawler.

Through full AI, Rabobi utilises tools such as image recognition and cross-language learning to ensure the optimal filtering of your preferred Internet experience.

Once a user of the Enforcer visits a website that Rabobi hasn’t seen before, it automatically begins the process of scanning the website and detecting whether it is a threat, as well as the sort of website it is.

Within an hour this information will be added to Rabobi’s knowledge pool for future reference.

Rabobi’s false hit rate is less than one report per month, meaning that it is incredibly accurate when it comes to identifying the nature and content of websites – letting users rest assured that when they block certain types of websites, they’ll remain blocked.

The versatility of LucidView’s Enforcer

The LucidView Enforcer can be used in a wide variety of circumstances.

A common use of LucidView’s Enforcer is in the office, where business owners can ensure that their staff are not abusing their access to the Internet. Another feature offered is effective protection against internet hackers gaining unauthorized access with the intention of stealing data or encrypting data and initiating Ransomware attacks.

Another way to use the LucidView Enforcer is as a means of controlling children’s Internet use at home.

Using the Time-based rules feature parents can set certain times that their children may watch Netflix or play games and can block their access altogether at bedtime.

Children can also be protected from inappropriate websites by the Enforcer.

Partnering with LucidView

Any IT Service Provider that is interested in providing their clients with Content Filtering & Reporting services can now do so by making use of LucidView’s “MikroTik Enforcer Portal”. The benefits of the solution can be experienced with a free two-week trial – simply visit their website and follow their install guide.

After the trial period LucidView continues to offer fantastic value for money as it costs just $3 per month, per LucidView Enforcer, alongside a constant $1 per month admin fee.

Have a look at LucidView’s live demo here, and if you are familiar with MikroTik routers, make your own LucidView Enforcer and enjoy the two week free trial.

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LucidView’s whitelabel Internet content filter and reporting solution for IT Service Providers