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6 new seasons from the Arrowverse to stream

2019 is bringing you Batwoman and Elseworlds, the crossover episode that everyone is talking about. While you’re waiting, you can stream the latest seasons of The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Gotham and more online, or on your phone, on DStv Now.

The Flash S5

Season five kicked off with an unexpected visit from Nora, Barry and Iris’ daughter from the future, and you can bet we haven’t seen the last of her … before she’s born in the future we mean. There are always consequences to travelling through time though, aren’t there?

The season opener put the focus back on family, which has always been the real heart of The Flash. The thing about being Team Flash is that you’re great at the planning, but the curve balls can really mess with your mojo, especially if the curveball is a visitor who you’re really going to care about, once they exist, in a timeline that may or may not exist anymore, depending on what you do in this timeline.

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Arrow S7

The season six finale was a game-changer and it’s split the show across two separate worlds, so far apart that it feels at times like we’re cutting between two different shows. The last time we saw Oliver Queen, he had just outed himself to the world as The Green Arrow, handed himself over to the FBI, and asked his allies, friends and partners to complete his mission to save the city.

But season seven opened with the team split up and working on different sides, and there’s nothing Oliver can do about it because he’s just trying to cope with his new identity – as Prisoner 4587.

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Supergirl S4

In the season four trailer, an “agent of liberty” claims: “They come from outer space. They take our jobs, our culture. They steal from us. They hurt us … We don’t need their heroes.” Now this xenophobia what-what is even spreading to the Arrowverse? Fortunately, anti-alien terrorist organisation Cadmus will only be getting one answer from Supergirl: “This is my home. And my mission is to protect it.”

Season three’s cliff-hanger ending left us with so many wheres, hows, whos and even, for that matter, whens, that Supergirl has some serious explaining to do. The fallout from Kara’s time jumps is catching up with her, and the implications of Cadmus’s sinister endgame are going to keep her very busy. There are also some radical new characters on their way this season.

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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S2

Having defeated Mallus and resolved the final time anachronism last season, the Legends face a new (magical!) threat, this time at Woodstock. Fans are saying this season is even better than the last, as well as – unbelievably – crazier, zanier, more raucous, riotous and all-out insane.

Basically, they’re bringing the circus to the circus. Which is what happens when you pull John Constantine out of the hat because there’s a whole lot of magic that comes along for the ride. And most of it is pretty dark.

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Black Lightning S2

If you’ve been fanning along with us since season one, you’ll remember that the Pierces survived Tobias’s attack in the season one finale (just, thanks to a timely jump-start), but Jennifer’s unstable powers have started causing unforeseen sparks, and we need to find out what Tobias is up to with the contents of Proctor’s briefcase.

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Gotham S5

The city of Gotham is arguably supernatural noir-detective ground zero. It’s never been the sort of place you’d think of moving to start a family, but when the criminals and the cockroaches start leaving, well … this is where heroes like Jim Gordon and Bruce Wayne really need to step up and clean up.

We’ll be keeping an extra beady eye on a certain someone in a top hat, the guy in the green suit, the poisonous redhead, and frankly anyone with an exaggerated sense of humour, but riddle us this: Will this or will this not be the Batman endgame we’ve all been waiting for?

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6 new seasons from the Arrowverse to stream