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Improved FUJIFILM Innovation Centre Africa is now open

FUJIFILM recently relaunched their FUJIFILM Innovation Centre Africa (FICA) in Johannesburg, in an effort to strengthen their presence and message in South Africa.

The Innovation Centre Africa is there to showcase what FUJIFILM is capable of in the fields of printing, photography, medical and packaging.

After undergoing a major overhaul, the showroom is now bigger with more FUJIFILM products on display, offering visitors a place to test products – such as the popular X Series mirrorless cameras and INSTAX instant cameras – as well as see demonstrations of new solutions.

The centre was officially opened by Mr. Norio Maruyama, the Japanese Ambassador to South Africa.

According to Mr. Maruyama, the Innovation Centre aims to connect FUJIFILM with their partners and customers, allowing them to gain a better understanding of what FUJIFILM offers, and allowing FUJIFILM to better cater to consumer needs.

Key for FUJIFILM is their mission to contribute to a resilient world where societies are responsible and sustainable.

“One of the important subjects that we will discuss in the G20 summit taking place on 29 June 2019, is how to address the fourth industrial revolution. In Japan this is a key subject, as we and South Africa have a lot of social challenges to overcome,” said Mr. Maruyama.

“Because of this we need to make good use of technology and AI, which we call society 5.0, so we can find the solutions to the social challenges that we’re facing.”

While FUJIFILM is known for making cameras, film and being a printing company, they are now focusing more on commercial products in healthcare to address the societal challenges as well as other solutions to address environmental challenges.

Healthcare – Medical Systems

FUJIFILM has developed medical systems, digital and computer radiography systems, and X-Ray film to assist in the prevention of cancer and other medical conditions through effective early diagnosis.

Making its way to the FUJIFILM Innovation Centre is the innovative Amulet Innovality, FUJIFILM’s top-of-the-range digital mammography X-Ray unit with 3D capability (Tomosyntheses) that helps in early stage detection of breast cancer.

Through its artificial intelligence driven REiLi screening system, FUJIFILM has made major strides in the acceleration of complex diagnoses, with this software tool being used to support radiologists’ clinical decision-making.

Environmental focus

In the showroom, FUJIFILM also showcases their green products, which are designed to reduce their impact on the environment.

In their Printing and Packaging department, FUJIFILM is pushing towards greener solutions in order to provide sustainable practices on the continent.

This is reflected in its UV GREENGUARD certified UV inkjet inks present in LED Wide Format Solutions. Their range of Superia CTP Offset Plates also focuses on reducing chemical usage as well as resource savings, including lower energy and water consumption for commercial, newspaper and packaging printers.

The Wonder Photo Shop

Additionally, FUJIFILM has launched their Wonder Photo Shop concept hosted inside the Innovation Centre Africa – another first in South Africa. This is their new solution for photo print shops.

The photo print stores, which are already implemented in other countries around the world are established to ‘Enrich people’s lives with photos’.

Wonder Photo Shop stores allow customers to experience the joy of photography and printing in a creative, inspiring and cosy atmosphere.

“With 80 years of experience in providing top of the range solutions in several industries, FUJIFILM has firmly established itself as a world innovation leader.

FUJIFILM will utilise the Innovation Centre Africa to not only work together with our partners to further enhance our innovative solutions, but also to provide exceptional support and training.

The FUJIFILM Innovation Centre Africa is open to FUJIFILM business partners and interested parties during working hours, Mondays to Fridays. It is situated at No. 5 Jockey Street, Stormill, Roodepoort.

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This article was published in partnership with FUJIFILM.

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Improved FUJIFILM Innovation Centre Africa is now open