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Grabbing digital by the horns when you don’t know how

A retail fridge breaks down. Stock starts thawing, melting and rotting. Customers get a nasty surprise when they want to pick up a sweet treat and their dissatisfaction is accompanied by repair and replacement costs. If only the fridge could have warned you… if this were a digital business, it would have. But, most companies aren’t using digital – and it’s hurting their prospects.

No serious company today can operate without connectivity and few people get things done without their smartphones. Some call this the 4th Industrial Revolution, but that’s just the latest iteration of digital.

From an orchestration view, digital is complex, expensive and demanding. As much as a business should be digital, it can’t do so at the expense of its core competencies. This is where the managed service model, coupled with the right partner, becomes a very potent catalyst for business ambitions.

Loop back to the fridge example: preempting its breakdown isn’t hard. A retrofitted monitoring sensor could beam vital information to a remote dashboard, it could flag unusual behaviour such as temperature fluctuations and send alerts to qualifying personnel. It could have told you if the door was left open.

Digital’s potential is everywhere. When your insurer rewards your healthy lifestyle, when you pay a bill with a snap from your phone or pre-board your flight online – this is all digital. Just imagine using that power in your own company, connecting the physical, digital and biological for heightened levels of insight and performance.

Yet, putting those elements into play is demanding and even pyrrhic. But managed services, such as those provided by XLink, enable such digital plays without breaking budgets or bogging down operations. Since managed services involve usage-based costing and service-rated performance, a business can adopt digital systems without the associated growing pains. The partner does the heavy lifting, but you get no unpleasant surprises or unexpected costs.

Managed services are about aligning digital plays with the business, but not all managed service providers are equal. The pedigree of the partner is critical. This is why XLink developed our Digital Services portfolio. We tap 15 years of experience – built providing connectivity, payment and other technical digital service solutions to customers such as the major banks – to realise digital’s potential. Our customers trust us with their payments, and now also do so for their digital services.

Putting digital services into action is not as daunting as they may seem. Just deploy managed services from companies such as XLink, which have a proven track record and provide a wide range of digital capabilities. Simplify the complexity of the digital world.

Or just let the food in the fridge rot. Who knows – maybe ice blocks will make a comeback…

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Grabbing digital by the horns when you don’t know how