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Immediate, secure bill payments with SnapScan’s in-app feature

The world is constantly changing. This includes the South African mobile landscape. We are at a point where almost everything we do can be done through a single mobile device.

Our mobile phones have become our centralised network through which we complete everyday tasks on the fly, whether this entails catching up on emails, ordering food or transport, or paying our bills.

One example of such an app is SnapScan, South Africa’s leading mobile payments app, which started as a payment solution at markets, and is now permeating different industries and making payments easier for customers and businesses alike.

SnapScan’s bills feature lets you pay bills from within the app

Paying bills can be a laborious and complicated process, but this is changing.

SnapScan’s in-app billing feature makes paying bills easier and more convenient than ever before. App users can now settle bills from anywhere, at any time – making it the easiest and quickest way to settle outstanding accounts.

The app boasts a growing list of municipal bills, medical bills, TV subscriptions, electricity bills, and insurance premiums – which can be paid in a few simple steps from anywhere and at any time.

You can search for bills using your ID number or account number and pay outstanding amounts without bills having to be delivered to you.

Existing merchants can add billing solutions

SnapScan’s existing merchants can also make use of SnapScan’s billing solutions. SnapScan integrates with a variety of leading billing software which allows SnapCodes (SnapScan’s unique QR codes) to automatically be added to paper or digital invoices.

Businesses can even send click-to-pay links via SMS to their clients, which lead customers to their apps where they can settle outstanding amounts. Proof of payment is automated during this process for both users and businesses.

Safe and secure

If you’re wondering about the safety and security of paying your bills through a mobile app like SnapScan, you can let go of those fears.

SnapScan, powered by Standard Bank, ensures your card information is safely and securely encrypted. The app also requires a PIN, fingerprint or FaceID authentication every time you wish to make a payment, so no stranger can conduct a payment on your behalf.

Whether you’re at home or on the go, paying bills with your smartphone has never been easier, safer, or more convenient.

To find out more, visit SnapScan website.

Bills in a snap | How to use SnapScan’s new in-app billing feature from SnapScan on Vimeo.

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Immediate, secure bill payments with SnapScan’s in-app feature