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Enable your business to Ryze to the occasion

Businesses face countless challenges and complex tasks daily. This can include the hiring and firing of employees, managing profit margins and cash flow, employee healthcare, and data backup and recovery – alongside a multitude of other IT-related issues.

While it’s inevitable that a business will face challenges every day, sub-par hardware shouldn’t be one of them. If a PC is running slow and taking ages to switch between programs, it could have a massive influence on employee and overall productivity.

AMD processors

Today, superior laptop brands such as HP are equipped with new AMD Ryzen processors to provide unyielding performance.

The new AMD Ryzen 7 PRO processors are on guard, on task, and on the go and provide up to 25% more productivity, up to 50% better battery life, and full memory encryption.

Powering everything from the world’s leading game consoles and Ryzen-powered systems to the largest display in Times Square, the ORION Supercomputer and beyond, AMD is a trusted brand among the world’s top companies.


AMD Ryzen PRO mobile processor-powered notebooks work like you do: multitasked, responsive, and efficient. They are powerful enough that you can run multiple applications simultaneously.

This means you can stream, edit, create, and browse all at the same time.


AMD Ryzen-powered HP PCs have a battery life of up to 16 hours, making them efficient enough to last the entire workday on a single charge.


What’s more is that AMD powered PCs are generally cost-efficient and perfect for any home office, classroom, or small business.


When the unexpected lands in your inbox you need a PC that can handle it.

AMD’s Ryzen PRO range incorporate the latest Radeon Vega graphics which accelerate complex computational demands, visual computing, and multimedia applications.

It offers the extra capacity you need to edit complex presentations, last-minute videos or even review 3D models.

AMD Ryzen powered HP computers are sure to see you through any challenge or endeavour in the business world.

Tarsus Distribution

HP PCs that incorporate AMD’s Ryzen Pro processors are now available from Tarsus Distribution.

With over three decades in operation, Tarsus Distribution is uniquely positioned to meet their channel needs.

“We pride ourselves in our ability to ensure that partner resellers are able to deliver the best possible service, support and overall solutions to their end customers,” said Lizelle le Roux, HP PC Business Unit Manager, Tarsus Distribution.

Together, AMD, HP, and Tarsus Distribution can enable you to meet your daily computing challenges – and help you ryze to the occasion.

For more information, visit the Tarsus Distribution website.

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Enable your business to Ryze to the occasion