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Quick Connect provides Wi-Fi whenever, wherever

Wi-Fi provider Quick Connect was the Wi-Fi sponsor at the 2019 MyBroadband Cloud, Hosting, and Security Conference, which took place at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand on 06 June.

Besides sponsoring the near 1,200-delegate event, Quick Connect also showcased their all new BundleBox.

The mobile Wi-Fi router on steroids

The BundleBox is a rugged and robust Internet connectivity solution that has 3 LTE links, a microserver, a high-spec router and a high-capacity access point, all managed through a clean, easy to use GUI which Quick Connect has developed from scratch.

With the BundleBox you can easily connect up to 100 concurrent connections, and there are also additional external Ethernet ports on the Box so that additional sources of Internet can easily be connected.

The micro server inside the BundleBox allows you to host local content on site if you need to.

According to James Coetzee from Quick Connect, the BundleBox is ideal for eventing, roadshows, activations, and anywhere you might need really high-capacity Internet for short periods of time. “It’s a plug and play solution, said Coetzee.”

“How it works is, you would plug it in, it comes online, it speed tests all the Internet that’s been connected – all the LTE networks, as well the additional Internet that you might have plugged in – and  then it load balances across all of those links automatically, so effectively you can even go into rural areas and get the best Internet possible,” said Coetzee.

It is custom designed, built, and assembled in South Africa, and Quick Connect has even prototyped everything themselves.

“The components are sourced from China, but the actual mechanics and IP behind it is entirely South African and all the software running on it has also been built by us,” said Coetzee.

Quick Connect – Pioneers in Wi-Fi provisioning

Quick Connect has been providing Wi-Fi since 2012, and with their experience, have been able develop proprietary technology which puts them light years ahead of the competition.

They mainly focus on event-based solutions and specialised temporary deployments, and are able to bond and load balance multiple internet connections to give you and your clients the best experience possible.

“Over the past 3 years, we’ve also been working hard on refining a perfect offering for the eventing industry and those who require robust mobile connectivity,” the company said.

To find out more about Quick Connect’s Wi-Fi services, you can visit their website, or email them via [email protected].

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Quick Connect provides Wi-Fi whenever, wherever