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Elingo and Genesys at the forefront of Customer Experience

The annual MyBroadband Cloud, Hosting, and Security Conference recently took place at Gallagher Convention Centre, where delegates had the opportunity to network with top cloud, hosting and security executives and IT professionals and leading vendors in the ICT sphere.

Elingo, one of the exhibitors at the conference, is a long standing Genesys Gold Partner.

According to Paul McIntyre, CX Executive for Elingo, their partnership with Genesys allows them to offer contact centre communication, collaboration, true omni-channel and an e-commerce component to monitor and assist customers where required, while buying online.

What sets them apart from competitors is that they put great emphasis on solution building, aligning business objectives to technology, and ultimately empowering businesses.

Further to this, they also focus on the back office. According to McIntyre, previously customer engagement areas of the business were in silos, but now with Genesys PureCloud, affordable communication and collaboration is available for the back office representatives of the company, allowing them to engage with customers more effectively and include the person with the right knowledge at the right time.

There are also more exciting products still to come for eCommerce business portals, added McIntyre.

What this means is that now, from an eCommerce point-of-view, you can track what activities are happening on your portals and then initiate out-bound communication to people who might be stuck trying to checkout their shopping cart. Then you can convert those sales, unlike before when you would’ve lost them.

AI-enabled solutions – a key focus for 2019

According to McIntyre, an exciting solution area Elingo will be focusing on in 2019 is allowing and assisting companies to understand lost revenue on their eCommerce portals through AI and Machine Learning.

“Before, companies haven’t really monitored to see if customers are successful on their website other than making sure that the shopping cart is checked out and the money is paid over,” said McIntyre.

“Through artificial intelligence, you now have the ability to understand the 10 steps that a customer will take, and then also realise when a customer is stuck, needs assistance, or is confused so that you can intervene if necessary.

“Using the interaction platform, you can assist that customer to complete their purchase by either originating a call, a web chat, or various omni-channel engagements, which is a winner for both the enterprise and the consumer,” he added.

“Watch this space! Elingo is really putting a lot of effort into getting our messages out there and growing our representation across South Africa and Africa,” said McIntyre.

McIntyre added that there are some exciting initiatives Elingo has planned for East-Africa, as well as locally in Durban and Cape Town.

“There’s also, from a ramp-up and skills certification point-of-view, a lot of effort being put in to make sure we’re really on the beating-edge of being able to offer customers top-notch solutions.”

Photos of Elingo’s presence at the MyBroadband Cloud Conference are posted below.

For more information, visit the Elingo website:

Photos of the Elingo stand at the MyBroadband Cloud Conference



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Elingo and Genesys at the forefront of Customer Experience