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Huawei’s full cloud stack presented at 2019 Cloud Conference

Recent advances in big data and computing power have transformed AI into a technology with increasingly profound effects on all areas of life, including business.

In the past year, Huawei Cloud has been integrating industry wisdom with AI to develop a full-stack cloud solution with an open ecosystem and talent cultivation to enhance solutions and improve internal efficiency.

Huawei presented this same solution at the annual MyBroadband Cloud Conference which took place on 6 June.

According to Farouk Osman Latib, Senior Cloud Manager at Huawei, the company has three different cloud offerings in their portfolio which share a unified architecture, eco-system and experience – the private cloud, hybrid cloud, and the public hyperscale cloud.

AI and datacentres

Huawei has also presented their custom developed chipsets, which are aimed at AI applications within data centres, of which the ARM-chip is at the forefront.

The Advanced RISC Machine (ARM)-based CPU is, according to Huawei, the industry’s highest-performing CPU, designed to boost the development of computing in big data, distributed storage, and ARM-native application scenarios.

“When you look at Huawei you actually talk full-stack solutions, so from the ground up, in the datacenter, all the way through to the cloud, we touch each and every component from a technology point of view – all the way from installation, support, professional services, and the entire ecosystem lifecycle,” Osman Latib concluded.

Whether you want something in the datacentre, or you want something in the cloud, or you want a mixed hybrid solution, Huawei has a full-stack solution that’s available.

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Huawei’s cloud products on display

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Huawei’s full cloud stack presented at 2019 Cloud Conference