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Save your business money – The best-quality voice service at the best price

Connection Telecom’s VOIPconnect product offers companies a reliable and high-quality voice service with competitive pricing and free inter-company and inter-community calls.

Connection Telecom is known for its excellent cloud telecoms services, and combined with its VOIPconnect product its value proposition to companies is unbeatable.

Apart from cost savings and convenience, VOIPconnect offers companies a real-time view of call activity and prevents potential call abuse.

This service works over numerous connectivity methods – including fibre, wireless, and fixed-LTE – and delivers exceptional voice quality.

Perfect solution

While fibre is always a preferred connectivity method to carry voice traffic, VOIPconnect offers the flexibility to function well over lower-capacity connections like ADSL and LTE.

To further ensure the best possible service levels, Connection Telecom’s network integrates with numerous network providers in South Africa – such as Seacom, Liquid, MetroFibre, Vodacom, Comsol, Telkom, EOH, Echo, IS, Cool Ideas, Huge Networks.

Businesses will also enjoy excellent security and lower infrastructure costs thanks to Connection Telecom’s hosted platform in Teraco’s data centres.

To move your service to Connection Telecom is quick and easy. Furthermore, companies have the option to keep their existing numbers or use new non-geographic and geographic numbers.

For more information on VOIPconnect, visit Connection Telecoms’ voice and connectivity page.

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Save your business money – The best-quality voice service at the best price