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New role-based certifications from CTU Training

Technical roles and requirements evolve rapidly, thanks to the pace of change. This also means that tech skills quickly become outdated, creating a skills gap and decreasing productivity levels.

For this reason, those in an IT role must keep up with the advanced requirements that come with an ever-evolving tech landscape.

To keep pace, individuals can get certified in their respective job roles through Microsoft’s new role-based certifications offered by CTU Training.

The benefits of getting certified

Getting certified can accelerate an individual’s career and boost their odds of success, as they can prove their competence to perform required tasks in relevant technical roles.

It gives the workforce an edge by taking their careers to the next level, as they bring the most current, essential skills and knowledge on Microsoft technologies, fostering a motivated, productive workforce aligned to business goals.

What’s more is that certified individuals earn on average 15% more than staff without a certification, as they have higher productivity in server, database, and application teams. Teams are nearly 20% more productive and can support more complex and evolving technologies and security issues.

New Microsoft Certifications

New Microsoft certifications go beyond just teaching how to use technology, also focusing on developing the skills and knowledge required to fulfill a specific job role.

The new Microsoft role-based certifications available include the following:

  • Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator: This is for Azure implementations, monitoring and Azure solutions maintenance.
  • Microsoft Certified Azure Developer: This certification will expand your Azure development skills to meet future business needs.
  • Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect: This certification will help you master the skills needed to design solutions that run on Azure.

CTU Training Solutions

CTU provides innovative solutions and services in education that enable modern learning in the digital world.

CTU Training Solutions is also an authorised training provider using Microsoft’s official courses which are delivered by Microsoft Certified Trainers and use the most current and accurate learning resources, as well as a variety of training options to fit your time and budget.

Become one of the first to earn new role-based certifications to prove your expertise and put yourself ahead of other professionals.

Applicants can register now for the mid-year 2019 intake (qualifications presented full time and part time) or short learning programmes (starting on a weekly basis). Mid-year intake classes commence 8 July 2019. To find out more, visit the CTU website.

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New role-based certifications from CTU Training