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The new BMW 3 Series – Technology in a class of its own

“Hey, BMW. Just how advanced are you?”

When you ask the new BMW 3 Series this question its Intelligent Personal Assistant will not only answer you, but recognise the voice of who it is speaking to.

This is one of a multitude of advanced features in the new BMW 3 Series, powered by cutting-edge technology that puts the car in a class of its own.

More than a personal assistant

The voice-activated BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant is perhaps the best example of the car’s next-generation technology, and will learn a driver’s voice and behaviors – allowing it to customize the feedback it provides in a variety of situations. This includes explaining every aspect of the vehicle to its owner when asked, setting the car’s seats to the perfect temperature, and allowing itself to be assigned a personal name by the driver.

The functionality of the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant is continually growing, too, thanks to its use of artificial intelligence and the company’s Open Mobility Cloud. The skills and functions of the assistant will be continually updated by BMW, quickly and easily via a smartphone or by a remote software upgrade in the car.

Driving safety is another aspect of the new 3 Series which has benefitted from advancements in technology, and the car employs a range of assistance features to keep its occupants safe.

These include Driving Assist Professional, which offers steering and lane control assistance during critical or monotonous driving situations. Hazard warnings, active side collision protection, and the vehicle automatically remaining in the centre of its lane are available thanks to this “digital copilot” functionality.

Smart parking

Those who battle to park their car in a safe and timely manner will be pleased to know that BMW also has you covered. The new 3 Series features Parking Assist Plus, a lateral parking aid, and a Reversing Assistant – ensuring you do not have to stress in busy parking lots or confined garages.

The Parking Assist Plus makes parking the vehicle easy and features a “surround view” system in combination with park distance control to get your car into a bay smoothly. The lateral parking aid augments this by identifying any obstacles around the vehicle and warning the driver of them.

In the scenario that you need to reverse, but are not a fan of driving backwards, BMW’s Reversing Assist stores the last 50 metres of your driving – when travelling at speeds of 35km/h or lower – and can take care of the steering if your path needs to be retracted.

The perfect package

BMW’s new 3 Series does not stop there when it comes to technological innovation, and in addition to its personal and driving assistance systems, the vehicle includes multiple driving modes through Driving Experience Control, brake energy regeneration, intelligent start/stop functionality, contactless tailgate opening, and a digital key compatible with Android smartphones.

Yes, you read that correctly. If you have an Android smartphone, a physical key is no longer required. The Digital Key feature allows you to lock and unlock your vehicle – and start its engine – without the physical key.

The smart key can be set up through the BMW Connected app and can even be shared with family and friends – meaning the need to “fetch the car keys” is a thing of the past.

All these features have been packed into a stylish chassis that delivers on BMW’s well-earned reputation of creating the best-looking sedans on the market.

The new BMW 3 Series is available in South Africa in 330i and 320d models. For more information go to

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The new BMW 3 Series – Technology in a class of its own