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650 developer applications in one week – The best way to recruit online

MyBroadband Business allows ICT companies to recruit new employees, freelancers, or interns quickly and affordably, thanks to its new recruitment content packages.

Hiring new people can often be a long and expensive process, but with recruitment content you can easily define the position you need to fill, the skills you are looking for, and how people can apply for the role.

Excellent results

In trial campaigns, MyBroadband Business’s clients saw exceptional results using the content service.

Codehesion, an Android app and web development company in Johannesburg, came to MyBroadband Business with a challenge – it needed to recruit experienced software developers.

It sent through a brief with who it wanted to target, and following its recruitment article going live on MyBroadband, Codehesion received 650 applications in the first week.

Codehesion CEO Hector Beyers said over 80% of these applications were high-quality.

“Following the flood of applications, we went through the interview process and hired two experienced developers for our company,” said Beyers.

“The recruitment article worked very well, and we will use the service again when we need to hire more developers.”

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650 developer applications in one week – The best way to recruit online