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How cloud communications can help your business

Moving your business’s communications to the cloud offers exceptional opportunities, including cost savings, voice authentication, transcription, and sentiment analysis.

Many businesses are, however, still using traditional voice products which means they are losing out on the benefits that cloud communications offer.

While a traditional landline and PBX system may serve a company’s voice needs, it should be seen as a horse-and-cart in today’s communications world.

Cloud communications opens a new world to businesses by offering them a fully integrated platform which integrates with their everyday applications and business processes.

Because modern communications platforms reside in the cloud they enable employees to stay connected and access information wherever they are.

They also increase productivity through tools like voice and video conferencing, messaging, and voice transcription with sentiment analysis – which can integrate with CRM tools.

Another big benefit is the ability to easily and affordably scale up and down as the needs of your business change.

A business can quickly add new extensions when they hire new employees and deactivate them if fewer extensions are needed. They only pay for the extensions they need for as long as they need them.

The best cloud communications provider in South Africa

Connection Telecom is South Africa’s leading cloud communications provider, with a wide range of products to serve a business’s needs.

These include:

  • Cloud PBX – Offers VoIP voice services via the cloud.
  • VOIPconnect – Offers the benefits of cost-efficient call routing with simple technology that integrates PSTN and VoIP.
  • Cloud Video Conferencing – Helps to bring you face to face with your clients without having to travel.
  • Omnichannel Inbound Solutions – Through its Telviva Touchpoint service Connection Telecom provides a real-time instant messaging service for new and existing customers to your company.
  • Hosted Contact Centre – Offers the ultimate flexibility and control over your company’s internal, external, landline, and mobile phone calls without vendor lock-ins.

For more information about Connection Telecom’s services, visit: Connection Telecom’s website.

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How cloud communications can help your business