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Complete this developer survey and win awesome prizes

SlashData is offering great prizes to those who fill out their Developer Economics Q2 2019 Survey, which comprises a variety of important questions which will provide the developer market with crucial insight into recent trends.

SlashData is offering over $12,000 worth of prizes to be won in draws comprising those who complete the survey.

Prizes include a Microsoft Surface Pro 6, an Oculus Rift S, a 3D Printer, and a Samsung Chromebook 3.

These and other prizes will be split between a general draw to all who complete the survey, and exclusive prize draws for those who answer questions specific to certain sectors.

Developer Economics Q2 2019 Survey

SlashData’s Developer Economics Surveys reach over 40,000 people in over 167 countries, which enables SlashData to discover key trends within the software development field.

Developers of any level are welcome to complete the survey – whether they are mere hobbyists, or seasoned professionals – while student developers are also encouraged to take part.

Questions asked in the survey will look at topics such as which skills, programming languages and resources are most valuable to software developers.

The survey will cover the following software development fields:

  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Desktop
  • Backend
  • IoT
  • AR/VR
  • Machine learning and data science
  • Game development

The English version of the survey is now live, and can be filled out until 28 July 2019.

Take the survey today and stand a chance of winning these awesome prizes!

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Complete this developer survey and win awesome prizes