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The 4 services VZAP offers for business

Whether you’re looking to cross-skill your programmers, fill a vacancy in IT, or just need someone to develop a system or app for you, VZAP can cater to your needs.

The business services VZAP provides are detailed below.

Hire competent programmers

VZAP yields competent programmers who have been trained in Java through the VZAP Java programming course.

VZAP certified developers are the cream of the crop, as they go through a stringent filtering process, which starts with the VZAP Competency Test.

Those who pass the sub-minimum for the competency test are accepted and then trained over a 25-week period where they get homework, write weekly tests, and work together in groups.

After completing the 5-month course, students are placed with a company for 2 years on a contractual basis, after which the company can decide whether they will employ the student permanently.

“The course we offer is of a much higher standard than other institutions and universities, as students get 800 contact hours, in-depth training in the core concepts of programming, and besides the day-to-day, we also help students with life skills in terms of emotional intelligence and team dynamics,” said Gregory Guy, Senior Trainer at VZAP.  “It’s really hard work, and only students with the passion and the drive for it get certified,” said Stuart Fripp, Senior Developer and Trainer at VZAP. “We monitor students weekly. If they don’t achieve the sub-minimum of each test, they are removed  from the programme.”

VZAP screens students over the 5-month period of their training, which is highly beneficial to companies looking to hire programmers.

“We have a very good idea of the capability and character of each student,” said Guy.

The normal process for recruitment in terms of interviewing a candidate is very short, which means the risk factor for companies is very high.

Hiring through VZAP, on the other hand, reduces the risk-factor significantly, as the feedback received from VZAP is based on 5 months of contact with each student.

Screen potential employees using VZAP’s Competency Test

Companies who prefer to recruit programmers themselves can still make use of VZAP’s Competency Test, which will help them screen the candidate to see if they are fit to work for their business.

The VZAP competency test is 5 hours long, and tests a candidate’s thinking skills, comprehension, concentration, and level of logic.  To find out more, you can contact VZAP here.

Short courses to cross-skill

VZAP also offers short courses to any company looking to upskill or cross-skill their developers in Java.

VZAP has a standard short course for companies with developers who are skilled in other languages such as C#, Python, Delphi, C++ and need to skill across to Java.  However, VZAP can also customise the short course according to a company’s requirements.

Short courses extend over a 5-10-day period and can also be presented according to a company’s unique needs.

“The courses can, for example, can be hosted at your own premises for 3 days a week, or in the afternoons for a 6-week period,” said Fripp. “Virtually every single short course is customised. We sit down with the chief architects and find out exactly what it is that they want.”

Development division 

VZAP offers a development service, where they create programmes and write software for companies.

They can develop what the company needs, whether it’s a mobile application or a certain system, and will then manage it together with the client the way they want it.  “If you need someone to write software for your mobile app or system, we offer that as a service. We develop for iOS, Android and back-end enterprise systems,” said Fripp.

This is beneficial to businesses as it’s more cost-effective than recruiting and employing a developer permanently.  “This also assists in upskilling our students. Theoretically, we should have some of the best students in the country, as we filter them out, and so we can also employ and mentor them in that division,” said Fripp.

To find out more about VZAP’s services for business, you can email them at: [email protected] or contact Susan De Wet on +27 82 334 4424.

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The 4 services VZAP offers for business