HP Z Workstations for creative visionaries

Technical and creative professionals tend to have some of the heaviest workloads, and therefore often demand the highest performing computers.

To cater to the demands of these professionals, HP has developed their portfolio of Z Workstations, providing unthrottled performance whenever, wherever.

HP Z Desktops

HP Workstations help you deal with the most complex data, designs, 3D models, analysis and information. And it doesn’t stop at the hardware.

HP is cognisant that leading the industry requires the best in application performance, reliability, and stability. That’s why HP teams up with leading software and hardware partners to give your business the professional edge it needs.

HP Z Desktops offer the exhilarating power that you’d expect in a workstation desktop, and paired with the right HP display, you have a sleek, secure workstation providing unthrottled performance.

Each Z component has been tested down to the screws, as HP Z Desktop Workstations undergo 368,000 hours of testing and end-to-end diagnostics, plus 14 Military Standard 810G tests.

HP conducts advanced testing and performance benchmarks with leading software partners like Adobe and Autodesk (CAD), which means your hardware is designed to deliver the optimal experience with your most important applications.

Strong security

With cyberattacks evolving faster than the average business can keep up with, it’s important that every professional in the business, and the devices they use, are protected.

HP Z desktop workstations are reinforced with world-class, hardened security features, built-in from the ground up, so you can rest easy knowing your business has strong protection against cybercrime.

Automatically updated Windows 10

HP’s alliance with Windows means that your Z workstations are automatically updated to Windows 10 Pro, which is always enabled. ISP fees may apply, and additional requirements may apply over time for updates.

It’s any creative or technical professional’s dream workstation.

To find a reseller or for more information, visit the DCC website.

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HP Z Workstations for creative visionaries