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Balwin Fibre – A vision for the future

Balwin Fibre has a vision to become the best fibre operator in South Africa, delivering an unrivalled user experience with competitive pricing to residents in selected Balwin Properties estates.

In these estates, the fibre infrastructure is already installed when an owner moves into their new home. This includes the pre-installation of a fibre ONT.

The streamlined installation is then paired with Balwin Fibre’s custom ISP management portal and allows a homeowner to go from no connectivity to up to a 100Mbps uncapped, unshaped fibre account within seconds of sign-up – with future available speeds of up to 1Gbps.

Balwin Fibre’s ISP management portal, as well as its levels of service to customers and ISPs, means there are minimal lead times for technicians to install a connection, and the open-access design of the network allows ISPs to quickly verify and connect customers.

Testing the sign-up process and activation of an ISP account

To test the service levels of Balwin Fibre, MyBroadband visited The Whisken Estate in Midrand to sign up for an uncapped fibre account and run speeds tests on the network.

Home-Connect recently integrated APIs directly into the Balwin Fibre Portal through its CRM sign-up system, and we put this to the test by signing up for an uncapped 100Mbps account with the ISP at the estate’s lifestyle centre.

The process was seamless: we registered and signed up on the Home-Connect portal within a few clicks of completing our application and submitting the relevant documents electronically. Our application for 100Mbps connection was then ready to go.

Balwin Fibre stated that from approval of an application of a user account with Home-Connect to an active fibre line takes a few seconds. Users are immediately sent their PPPoE details via email and all they are required to do is plug in their Wi-Fi router into the already-installed ONT and set up their account.

Residents may use their own router or receive a device from the ISP. (Lead time for delivery of the router is 1-2 business days.)

Balwin Fibre CPE

Pure lightning speed

It is not only the speed at which residents can connect which is impressive – the quality of the fibre Internet connection is also world-class.

Home-Connect offers uncapped and unshaped packages on Balwin Fibre, with prices ranging from R588 per month for a 10Mbps line to R1,068 for a 100Mbps connection. Balwin Fibre also offers residents the first 30 days of their connection for free.

All of Home-Connect’s packages are available on a month-to-month contract and include a free-to-use Smart Dual-Band Wi-Fi router.

Support from ISPs and Balwin Fibre is top-notch, and each estate in which Balwin Fibre operates is fitted with a server room to monitor the network and provide ISPs with detailed information on any possible potential issues.

This greatly improves a customer’s experience, as problems with their fibre connection are resolved before they affect the end-user experience.

The speed tests MyBroadband conducted on Balwin Fibre showed that the Home-Connect account worked as promised, and we achieved download speeds of 104Mbps, upload speeds of 100Mbps, and latency as low as 2ms.

Balwin Fibre speed test

The best experience

MyBroadband’s tests of Balwin Fibre’s sign-up process and the quality of its network show that the provider delivers a top-class service to residents.

Zaque Brookes, the Managing Director of Balwin Fibre, said the company was formed to find a way to provide the best possible service to the residents of Balwin Properties.

“From my experience with the Balwin Fibre team, we are most definitely achieving this vision. The ISP Management Portal reduces fault times drastically as well as the application of new services – it is amazing how fast services can be delivered and changed,” said Brookes.

Balwin Fibre believes this is achieved through the success of working with Archetor fibre infrastructure and civils, installing and maintaining the high-speed, open-access fibre infrastructure.

With its unprecedented connection times, high-speed unshaped connections, smart network, and competitive pricing, Balwin Fibre is showing South Africa how simple and effective fibre-to-the-home should be.

This article was published in partnership with Balwin Fibre.

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Balwin Fibre – A vision for the future