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Tired of bad customer service from your fibre provider? Switch to RSAWEB

Excellent customer service is crucial when creating a long-lasting relationship between a client and a company – particularly when it comes to the highly-competitive broadband market.

RSAWEB knows this and has invested a significant amount of time and money ensuring its clients are always satisfied when dealing with the company.

This customer-centric approach was evident in the MyBroadband 2019 ISP Survey, where RSAWEB’s clients rated the ISP’s excellent customer service as their favourite feature. 54% of RSAWEB clients rated customer service as their ISP’s best feature. This is compared to the industry average of 11%.

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The graph below shows RSAWEB’s performance vs the industry average.

ISP Service rating

Customers are our highest priority

“Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. RSAWEB’s mission, values, and culture are all geared towards providing this to our customers,” said RSAWEB.

“We have created a culture of accountability and continuous improvement of both our staff and the systems we use. Because our staff have the first contact with customers, we ensure that we listen to their feedback.”

RSAWEB invests substantially in training its staff, building their skills, and providing them with tools to work smarter and faster, added the company.

“At RSAWEB, we work very hard to ensure all of our customers get the top-notch service they deserve – whether they’re large corporates or home users. We take our customer feedback very seriously and are constantly monitoring, evaluating, and learning about their needs and demands.”

The company said that its business customers also have access to a separate Service Operations Centre with a personal account manager, giving them direct access to customer support without waiting in call queues. “Our great customer service is what makes us unique and our customers have realised this,” said RSAWEB.

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Tired of bad customer service from your fibre provider? Switch to RSAWEB