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RSAWEB has recently relaunched their streamlined business technology offering. They have been making life easier for countless South Africans since 2001. The team at RSAWEB are passionate about helping their customers navigate technology, overcome challenges, improve customer experience and reduce risk. RSAWEB’s product, solution and service scope, backed by a global vendor, and partner ecosystem position their teams and customers to win. Starting your digital journey is easier with RSAWEB.

According to Usabilla, 60% of organisations are engaging in digital transformation through outsourcing and partnering, with 92% of business leaders having already employed advanced digital transformation strategies to enhance their customers’ experience.

The product suite from RSAWEB covers the fundamentals of Connectivity, Cloud, Mobile and Security. Their talented team uses these products to build solutions that make this digital transformation as easy as possible. Whether you’re looking for reliable connectivity, simplified mobile data management, scalable cloud solutions or data security – RSAWEB is the partner to make it happen.


A dependable internet connection is vital for any business, regardless of industry. Our fast, reliable and flexible connectivity solutions create opportunities for your business to grow. If you’re looking for the speed and reliability of a dedicated Business Fibre line (up to 10Gbps), need to evolve or expand your network with VPLS/MPLS, or want the reliability and clarity of VoIP, our product stack has got you covered.

On our network local peering and caching, combined with access on all the undersea cables, keeps our latency low and our international breakout resilient. We constantly review and upgrade our network to combat external challenges like load shedding and have recently upgraded 80% of our nodes, in areas worst affected by power outages, to keep our customers online for extended periods; this is our commitment to our uptime guarantee and SLA.

This is greatly appreciated by clients like Medipet, who have greatly increased their productivity due to our “almost 100% faultless service. Our wide range of connectivity services combine high-speed bandwidth, high uptime and zero contention ratios with access to a responsive, skilled support and networking team.


We help businesses across all industries find the best ways to use the power of Cloud to better manage, scale and automate their systems. Navigating your cloud options can be a time-consuming task, we help you get to implementation quicker by offering consultation, to clear everything up and help you make the most of public cloud platforms and services.

Our approach to delivering manageable, scalable and automated Cloud solutions can be wrapped up in three steps: consult, engineer and solve. RSAWEB’s solution building capabilities begins with a thorough consultation process – understanding our customers business, the strategy and then determining the technical path to be followed to achieve strategic outcomes and the solving of immediate technical problems.

RSAWEB’s cloud product portfolio includes our Virtual Data Centre (A multi data centre public cloud offering providing infrastructure as a service underpinned by VMWare’s virtualisation suite), access to hyperscale public clouds like AWS and Azure (with managed or unmanaged options) through our partnerships with them, New Relic, Cloudflare, Veeam.

Our portfolio extends to include professional services: solution and architecture consulting, migration, engineering, optimisation and management services. Our incredible team of certified engineers are on hand to help you build the solutions you need to thrive.

Moneyweb relies on our fully-managed solution provided by our team of experts, allowing them to direct their concentration to their core business as opposed to managing systems


Simplify your company’s Mobile Data with our industry-leading mobile data management dashboard. Whether you’re looking to mobilise your workforce, keep hundreds (or even thousands) of IoT devices online, need a failsafe to keep multiple locations online or keep your point of sale devices connected – our custom-built mobile portal makes it all easier.

With our Mobile Data solution, you get consolidated invoicing and reporting, freeing up countless hours and reducing your admin overheads. Our Mobile Data solution offers you access to both MTN and Vodacom’s networks, allowing you to keep all your staff and/or devices connected, wherever they may be – all on one contract with one pooled data bundle.

Our intuitive mobile data management dashboard gives you transparent control of your pooled data, allowing you to allocate, top up, manage and control your data for groups, users or even each SIM card.

With Private APN and Enterprise APN Services options, your staff can securely access your private networks and applications from almost anywhere in South Africa. Our mobile data management dashboard has helped companies like Autozone save up to 62% on their data, while companies like Olarm have made it the backbone of their business.


In today’s world, data is currency and we’re here to help you secure your investments. With our cyber-crime prevention solutions, we mitigate your daily risk of attack by providing you with solutions that make your data conveniently accessible without sacrificing essential security and sovereignty.

Our security products and services include Backup & Disaster Recovery, Fortigate threat management and firewall, DdoS protection with Cloudflare, and intelligent data management with Veeam.

Partner program

We’ve got the expertise, knowledge and infrastructure to help you grow or supplement your existing services. Our Partner Program makes it easy for you to leverage our resources, support, and team’s expertise in order to accelerate your business’s growth and offerings.


Expand your product offering without the capital expenditure required for infrastructure.


Resell our services, while receiving reseller discount. This will free up time for sales and maximise your profits while we manage core services.


Earn commission for your leads. It’s a great way to earn passive income as we handle everything from sales to support.

Customer Service

No matter how big or small your business is, you always get the best service from our highly trained Service Operation Centre (SOC). We are always on hand to provide you with advice, business analysis and solutions architecture to help you identify and solve your problems.

Our SOC provides all our business customers with direct access to customer support. No automated answers call queues or waiting for escalations – you have a direct line of contact to your personal account manager who is specifically trained to help your business.

For more information about any of our business solutions, email us at [email protected]  

For more information about our Partner Program, email us at [email protected]

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