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Springbok players launch innovative fitness and recovery tool for athletes and sports professionals

A South African sports technology start-up which boasts current and ex Springbok players, Rohan Janse van Rensburg and Jesse Kriel will be launching an exciting new product into the burgeoning health, wellness, and recovery market this summer.

The Flow Pro ONE promises to make post-workout or injury sore muscles a thing of the past for athletes and sports professionals, using an innovative high-tempo, battery-powered, handheld sports percussion massage which can be undertaken anytime, anyplace.

Flow Sports Technology SA (FST) has coupled its extensive elite-level sports and fitness knowledge with the engineering know-how of FST an Anglo-Chinese company based out of Hong Kong, headed up by former British Army triathlete and engineer, CEO James Morrison Steward.

Although the concept of percussion therapy (sometimes known as tapotement or vibration massage) has been around for centuries, there are even recordings of blunt stick acupressure massage in ancient China used to improve blood (and Qi) flow around the body from 2,000 years ago.

The modern idea of electrically powered, treatment room based percussion therapy concept has been around since the early ’80s. Since then, there hadn’t been much innovation beyond the clunky, steampunkesque plug-in tools used by therapists.

However, with the improvement of battery technology in recent years, several handheld devices styled on industrial tools, had entered the market.

Expensive, cumbersome and very, very noisy, the team at Flow Sports Technology SA went back to the drawing board and purpose built the Flow Pro ONE from the ground up to be different. Lightweight, affordable and powerful, the device has been exciting physios and players alike.

Athletes who have experienced a Flow percussion massage have described the benefits as near immediate pain relief and a significant reduction in muscle soreness. Other advantages include;

  • Acceleration of the warm-up of muscles before exercise, and circulation improvements during.
  • Quick release of trigger points, and assistance in the break up of scar tissue.
  • Relief of muscle soreness, stiffness, and sped up recovery.
  • Improvements after regular use of overall mobility and range of movement (ROM).
  • The ease-of-use for self-myofascial release away from the room.
  • Reduction in common muscle and joint pain for older retired athletes.

The Flow Pro ONE handheld professional percussion therapy device comes with an assortment of massage heads for different muscle groups and 4 speeds allowing for very customisable treatment across the entire body. A replaceable high capacity Lithium-Ion battery is good for 4-5 hours of use and recharges fully in 4 hours.

The Flow Pro One is currently available for purchase on their website at or via takealot for only R4,999.

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Springbok players launch innovative fitness and recovery tool for athletes and sports professionals