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BitCo launches 10Gbps fibre and slashes prices

BitCo Telecoms has announced new Fibre packages that can deliver some of the fastest connectivity available – up to 10Gbps.

They have also slashed typical business Fibre prices – in some case by almost 50% – with their current “Fibre Revolution” promotion.

Visit BitCo’s website to find out more about this promotion.

“We are excited to be one of the first to be able to offer a 5Gbps and 10Gbps service on our 120Gbps core network,” said BitCo’s Chief Sales Officer, Michael Colin.

“We are in an era where connectivity and Fibre Internet solutions are evolving and are the driving force behind business efficiency in our digital age. We are proud to be at the forefront of this Fibre revolution.”

The Fibre Revolution promotion makes BitCo uncapped corporate Fibre options available at drastically reduced rates on a 36-month term.

This allows businesses to benefit from the fastest Internet speeds, decrease their monthly operational overheads, increase productivity, and save over the medium term.

BitCo’s Fibre Revolution Promotion

Please note that all prices exclude VAT.

100Mbps Fibre R6,899 per month

  • Installation only R5,500. Includes 10 standard Virtual PBX extensions.

500Mbps FibreR12,995 per month

  • Installation only R2,500. Includes 20 standard Virtual PBX extensions.

1Gbps FibreR14,995 per month

  • Free installation. Includes 30 standard Virtual PBX extensions.

5Gbps FibreR29,995 per month

  • Free installation. Includes 40 standard Virtual PBX extensions.

10Gbps FibreR39,995 per month

  • Free installation. Includes 50 standard Virtual PBX extensions.

All BitCo’s Fibre packages are uncapped with uncontended, synchronous (1:1) Internet access – and carry BitCo’s signature 99% operational uptime guarantee.

The packages further include an option of 24/7/365, around-the-clock support for only R250 per month, with options to add a managed router, voice channels, and additional virtual PBX services.

As stocks are limited, BitCo is offering these promotional deals on a first-come, first-served basis to new customers and as an upgrade option for existing customers.

Installation and configuration fees are charged once-off, and as with all of BitCo’s Fibre packages, customers can receive a temporary point-to-point wireless connection (as line of sight allows) on BitCo’s carrier-grade private wireless network while waiting for their fibre services to be activated.

More information about promotional terms and conditions can be found here.

“Fast, reliable Fibre connectivity is no longer a luxury but a business imperative. It enables higher levels of productivity and customer satisfaction, which should, in turn, directly translate into higher profits and a better overall efficiency within your business,” said Colin.

“Our Fibre Revolution Promotion offers unmatched Internet speeds coupled with an aggressive pricing model that helps South African business to reduce operational overheads and get back to business.”

To access the promotion and to check your coverage, visit BitCo’s website.

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BitCo launches 10Gbps fibre and slashes prices