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Enable cryptocurrency payments with Bitmart’s new KriptoLink point-of-sale device

Enable cryptocurrency payments with the new KriptoLink Point-Of-Sale device from Bitmart!

The KriptoLink device has a multitude of uses from cryptocurrency ATM to Point-Of-Sale device to cryptocurrency exchange. Benefit from the current bull market by allowing customers to pay for services or goods with cryptocurrencies. The KriptoLink is now available at Bitmart!

What is the KriptoLink?

KriptoLink is a proudly South African product that is aimed at providing local businesses and entrepreneurs with a tool that allow them to easily accept cryptocurrency payments.

At the same time, enable them to sell or buy cryptocurrencies directly to customers. This way, more users can spend their cryptocurrencies which aids the world-wide adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Currently, there are millions of cryptocurrency hodlers who want to spend their Bitcoin directly as opposed to converting it into a Fiat currency first.

As a business owner, the KriptoLink presents the perfect opportunity for you to tap into the lucrative cryptocurrency market. The KriptoLink allows you to easily accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a method of payment for goods and services in a secure and professional manner.

KriptoLink for buyers

The development team behind the KriptoLink device has more than 25 years combined experience in retail point-of-sale software development. They have developed similar software for major retailers like MassMart, Pick ‘n Pay and Makro to name a few.

The executive team has an extensive background in traditional finance and blockchain technologies and have worked within the finance, agriculture and digital currency mining sectors. With that said, you know that you can trust the KriptoLink device when paying for products or services with the KriptoLink.

KriptoLink for businesses/retailers

The KriptoLink device has many uses for businesses/retailers. As the merchant, you can accept any cryptocurrency that is available at the exchange your device is linked to, as payment for goods or services.

A second use would be to start your own Bitcoin exchange and sell and buy cryptocurrencies directly to and from customers over the counter using cash, credit or debit cards. Merchants can set their own rates.

You can even use the KriptoLink POS terminal as a portable Bitcoin ATM and costs a fraction of the price of any other Bitcoin ATM.  The KriptoLink POS terminal allows you to advertise your location on the Bitcoin ATM map so that customers can easily find your shop.

How much does it cost?

The normal price for the KriptoLink device is R8,999 but if you buy it from Bitmart directly using coupon code: KRIPTOLINK, you will pay a reduced rate of only R7,999!

Bitmart is an official distributor of KriptoLink. You too can become a KriptoLink reseller. Contact Bitmart today on 072 610 8682 / 087 095 3431 for more information.

What’s new at Bitmart?

Since its inception in 2017, Bitmart is still the number 1 preferred cryptocurrency hardware specialist in South Africa. Bitmart has its very own where other vendors can now register to sell their products to thousands of potential clients on the Bitmart Marketplace.

Check out the new Bitmart shop– we feature a variety of technology and electronics gadgets for sale on the website –

Looking to the future, Bitmart will soon be the first company to import its own Bitmart brand of electric motorbikes into South Africa.

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Enable cryptocurrency payments with Bitmart’s new KriptoLink point-of-sale device