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RAVPower’s ridiculously powerful portable chargers

As digital devices have evolved from being fun gimmicks into becoming critical for daily tasks, the need for powerful batteries has become one of the most important considerations for consumers.

While smartphone batteries have come on in leaps and bounds in recent years, the threat of a dead smartphone or tablet battery is ever present.

For this reason, power banks have become a necessity in the arsenal of any digital citizen – whether you’re a personal smartphone owner or a multi-device power user.

RAVPower power banks

While portable charging options are a dime a dozen, few match up to the impressive capacity, features, and specifications of RAVPower’s range.

They have a product to fit every type of user, all of which come with valuable features and awesome reliability.

South African RAVPower distributor Syntech provided us with a variety of RAVPower power banks to test, and we were thoroughly impressed.

RAVPower Prime 6700mAh power bank

RAVPower 1

The smallest capacity portable charger provided to us was at 6700mAh power bank, which is perfectly suited to smartphone and tablet users.

It can provide iPhones with up to 2.1 charges, or Android phones with up to 1.6 charges. Impressively, it even comes close to providing tablets with a full charge, offering up to 0.8 charges worth of capacity.

Other valuable features include short-circuit and over-charge protection through iSmart intelligent charging, and a smart indicator – which shows the user how much charge the power bank has left. Due to the LG3350 cells it uses, combined with a 2A input, it is capable of being charged in under three hours – which is twice as quick as a standard power bank.

RAVPower 2

The device is of a surprisingly small form factor – 9 x 2.5 x 4cm, and weighing just 116 grams – which is great for the everyday user who wants to keep the device in their handbag or back pocket. Despite being small, it still feels sturdy, and it is clear that it is of high build quality. This makes it a great option for everyday users who need a power bank that is portable yet powerful.

RAVPower PD Pioneer 20100mAh power bank

RAVPower 3

Next on the list is an incredibly impressive 20100mAh power bank which boasts 45W Fast Charging capabilities, making it particularly efficient at keeping your iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, or MacBook powered up. In fact, it is capable of charging a Macbook in just 2 hours!

It also supports Quick Charge 3.0, which means that certain Qualcomm-powered Android phones can also charge up incredibly quickly with this impressive device.

Boasting a huge 6-days’ worth of capacity, this portable charger is perfect for someone who uses many different devices and needs to keep them all charged.

In terms of its feel, this power bank uses a rubber finish to ensure that the device is soft and comfortable to hold, and its design looks as good as it functions. Size-wise, it is a compact 16 x 8 x 2cm, and weighs just 405g – making it extremely portable despite its remarkable functionality.

RAVPower 4

This device is clearly aimed at a more business-focused customer, who values high capacity, fast charging, and stylish aesthetics, and such a user will be incredibly pleased with this device. Business users will love the fact that it can even power their laptop – provided the laptop sports a USB Type-C port.

RAVPower Prime 20100mAh power bank

RAVPower 5

For some users, however, a power bank needs to offer more than just great performance and snazzy looks. This is where the rugged Prime 20100mAh power bank shines.

This portable charger is designed for those who need a device that is as sturdy as it is feature-rich.

The Rugged portable charger is IP67 Waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof, meaning that it can survive some incredibly harsh and challenging conditions.

The sturdiness of this device is evident when you see and feel it in action. It is solid and feels like it could take quite the beating without suffering any significant performance issues.

If the reliability of this portable charger isn’t enough for your liking, this Rugged series portable charger even boasts a built-in torch, which surprised us by how effective it was.

This power bank supports Type C and Micro USB charging, including the same Fast Charging and Quick Charging features present in the Pioneer’s power bank. This even include the Pioneer’s ability to charge laptops!

RAVPower 6

The device is 15.9 x 7.9 x 2.3cm in size, which means it is small enough to transport with you wherever you may go.

Whether you’re an avid adventurer who needs to keep multiple devices while exploring, or just a clumsy power user – this portable charger’s added build benefits should be a significant consideration when buying a new power bank.

RAVPower Prime 32000mAh 3-Port power bank

RAVPower 7

Finally, we get to the flagship power bank in RAVPower’s range.

This device sports a remarkable 32000mAh of capacity, which means that one of these power banks is capable of providing an incredible 11 days of charge for your devices.

This charger, complete with efficient Polymer cells, can shorten charging time by up to 60%, and can charge an iPhone a ridiculous 11.3 times.

Android phones can be charged 7.7 times with one of these power banks, while even a tablet can be charged 3.7 times.

RAVPower 8

This power bank also boasts 3 iSmart 2.0 USB output ports, which offer a combined power of 6A – providing even more charging options to power users.

These three ports mean that three different devices can be charged simultaneously – making it a great option for multi-device businesspeople, or even during load-shedding.

RAVPower 9

Get your hands on a RAVPower portable charger

RAVPower power banks and chargers are available from Takealot, so visit their website if you’d like to buy one for yourself.

Distributors who are interested in these power banks can contact Syntech to learn more about these fantastic devices.

This article was published in partnership with Syntech.

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RAVPower’s ridiculously powerful portable chargers