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IT4IT – A comprehensive IT framework for businesses

IT4IT is an open standard that provides a comprehensive IT framework for delivering value to businesses.

Its reference architecture provides comprehensive guidance to the modern enterprise in the field of IT management. Since ‘The Open Group’ launched this standard in 2015, IT4IT has made it its focus to manage and define various IT services across the value stream to its extensive group of partners.

IT4IT has eight high profile platinum members. These are:

  • technology
  • Fujitsu
  • HCL
  • Huawei
  • IBM
  • Micro Focus
  • Oracle
  • Philips

Thanks in no small part to the incredible knowledge base provided by these major tech businesses, IT4IT provides a variety of important services to businesses world-wide, ranging from start-ups to global enterprises.

A comprehensive framework

One of the biggest benefits of IT4IT is that it is completely end-to-end in its structure. According to Micro Focus Fellow Lars Rossen, IT4IT begins at the planning stage, where it helps businesses to convert their strategies into actionable projects.

While other frameworks tend to be process- or capability-oriented, IT4IT offers a complete framework that covers all bases.

“The IT4IT standard gives an architectural foundation for structuring and managing digital services,” said Rossen.

“By using IT4IT you do not need to invent it yourself, and you can be confident that it works as it has been vetted and used in many organisations.”

He added that IT4IT is open and vendor-neutral, so you are not locked into a single consultancy company or single software vendor.

Micro Focus is a founder and a leader in creating the IT4IT standard, and Rossen said that Micro Focus is proud that it leads the industry through IT4IT.

“It allows our customers to be confident that they are not locked in with Micro Focus, but we are open and contributing to the industry,” said Rossen.

“This, at the end of the day, is important for our customers and thus helps us in gaining mindshare.”

Micro Focus Lego City

Micro Focus is aware that learning about how the IT4IT architecture works can be somewhat boring to some people, so it has developed a novel solution to explain this process.

Micro Focus Lego City is a visualisation of the entire IT4IT architectural process designed as a massive Lego model. This model uses creative ways to visualise the process, such as using dinosaurs to reference old, “extinct” technologies, and a train to epitomise the release process.

This model takes a highly technical concept and transforms it into one that is not only easier to understand, but capable even of stoking the curiosity of those who aren’t employed in the tech field.

Rossen explains more about the Micro Focus Lego City concept here.

Micro Focus Universe 2019 will take place in Sandton on 29 August, and those who attend will have access to important information surrounding technologies such as the IT4IT architecture as portrayed by the Micro Focus Lego City. You can sign up to the event by following this link.

The IT4IT Forum

IT4IT also runs a forum that helps businesses and enterprises involved in using the IT4IT framework to network and better understand IT4IT.

Rossen said that the forum is used for three main purposes:

  1. You get a forum for discussing IT management with industry thought leaders, both to gain a better understanding of IT4IT itself, and also to understand the current thinking across the industry of best and next practices for managing the Digital Enterprise.
  2. You can get early insight into where the standard is evolving and thus be “ahead of the game.”
  3. You can participate and influence the direction of the next version of the IT4IT standard.

Rossen will be presenting at The Open Group’s IT4IT Foundation’s training course in Johannesburg on 28 August. He will be presenting concepts from IT4IT that are likely to make it into the next version of the standard.

“It is about the essential value streams needed for managing IT. It illustrates how it all ties together to deliver the important outcomes of a modern IT transformation: Speed, Agility, Security and Insight,” explained Rossen.

Attendees of the two-day course will be well equipped to prepare for the IT4IT examination and become an IT4IT certified professional.

It will also help attendees to learn how to achieve agility and efficiency in IT, and to transform their IT platforms into a service broker model.

Learn more about the IT4IT training course and sign up here.

This article was published in partnership with Micro Focus.

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IT4IT – A comprehensive IT framework for businesses