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How using Nashua’s cloud services can improve your print security

The cloud has truly taken over the tech landscape.

Whether it be simple uses, such as backing up your documents, or more complicated ones, the cloud is a platform that has proven its worth repeatedly to millions of businesses across the world.

It therefore stands to reason that printing should also transition to the cloud.

However, as often tends to be the biggest uncertainty when it comes to the cloud, many may be worried about whether printing from the cloud compromises the security of your data.

Many may not realise that the cloud has proven itself to be incredibly secure, which is why it has become so widely accepted throughout the world as a means of performing complex tasks and storing information.

One great use of the cloud is in printing, as it offers a variety of powerful benefits to businesses looking to shore up their print security.

South Africans are incredibly worried about the possibility of their information falling into the wrong hands via print jobs, with a recent survey conducted by Nashua and MyBroadband showing that 70% of South Africans working in the corporate space have this concern.

Additionally, 72.5% of South Africans are worried that their printers are not fully secure.

These are some reasons that the cloud is incredibly efficient at keeping important data secure, and why you should consider using cloud printing.

Up to date security

One key element that the cloud does better than local storage is ensuring that the data and instructions within your cloud account are always safely positioned behind up-to-date security systems.

Because the cloud is a dynamic platform, it can update your security solutions in real time, ensuring that your cloud’s security systems are always at their strongest, and any new threats are protected against.

This stands in stark contrast with local storage networks, which are managed by IT departments. The possibility of human error means that important patches and updates could always slip through the cracks, opening up your print jobs and data to be accessed using the latest exploits.

Printers are often used as a point of entry for network hacks and exploits, so if the data you are going to print is stored securely on the cloud, behind up-to-date security systems, your business will be better protected from these threats.


Storing your data locally can put you at risk of seeing your data rendered inaccessible or corrupted.

This could be due to your equipment malfunctioning, disasters such as flooding, or malicious parties entering your network.

If your local network is down, you will also be unable to perform printing tasks at the appropriate times.

While your data and digital operations are never 100% protected in any scenario, the cloud offers substantial benefits since your data and systems are not just stored in one physical location.

This means that you shouldn’t have to worry about the possibility of data being lost or damaged, or your print jobs being blocked by malicious parties, as there are many more measures in place to protect against once-off attacks or incidents.

Dedicated product

Local storage and print network management are usually implemented by IT departments as two of their many tasks.

These employees have a lot of work on their plate, and this could result in certain areas being neglected.

In contrast, the cloud is a dedicated, automated system that is designed specifically to your needs. Cloud storage and the access of data and printers through the cloud is significantly more streamlined than manual, local systems.

Nashua Print Security

Nashua offers a variety of powerful cloud packages, as well as powerful multi-function printers that can perform print jobs through the cloud.

“We are a trusted South African name in tech and have a particularly strong reputation in the printing market, and we have decades of experience that could be key in helping businesses like yours streamline the printing process,” says Mark Taylor, Nashua CEO.

Get in contact with them today to find out how they can help you.

This article was published in partnership with Nashua Print Security.

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How using Nashua’s cloud services can improve your print security