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Vodacom Business Internet keeps you connected

When it comes to getting connected, there is a name that South Africans trust – Vodacom.

Vodacom’s consumer business continues to be a market leader in South Africa, and keeps millions of South Africans connected through their smart devices, laptops, and computers.

However, Vodacom’s business division is equally well-suited to meeting the demands of its customers – whether they’re a small business or a major corporate entity.

Vodacom’s Business Internet solutions

As one would expect from a Telecom of Vodacom’s size and reputation, the company offers a broad range of business Internet solutions that cover the entire spectrum of businesses in South Africa – from small start-ups to some of South Africa’s biggest enterprises.

These products offer benefits such as affordability, high speed, and great connectivity, along with the knowledge that your Internet provider has a reputation for excellence that spans decades in various markets and over numerous technologies.

You can choose between LTE, Fibre, Wireless, and Satellite technologies to get internet to your business – which means that there will almost certainly be an option that fits your business’ specific needs.

Vodacom Business Fibre

Business Fibre through Vodacom offers high-speed Internet to those who have access to a Fibre connection. They cater to the full spectrum of businesses –offering anything from 5mbps to 100mbps business lines.

Connections come with dynamic or static IP address options, as well as symmetrical bandwidth (same download and upload speed)– ensuring that your business will be perfectly prepared for any Internet needs your business may have.

Business Fibre customers can choose to add a Vodacom Voice bundle to their package. These packages can save your business up to 20% on your voice calling bill, and offer crisp and clear audio and line quality – making them a great option for businesses.

Business Internet Wireless

For those who don’t have access to fibre, and don’t want to worry about copper line theft or failures, Business Internet Wireless is a great option.

Speeds for Business Internet Wireless can reach as high as 80Mbps, and packages are available in both capped and uncapped options.

Business Internet Wireless also offers its subscribers an opportunity to add on Vodacom Voice bundles – offering additional big savings.

Business Internet LTE

For smaller businesses which have lower internet speed and data transfer requirements, Business Internet LTE is a shrewd option.

Offering average speeds of about 25Mbps, Vodacom’s Business Internet LTE product comes in a capped model, and includes a plug-and-play router that is free to activate.

This makes it a perfect solution for SMEs who are looking for a quick, easy, and efficient connection for their offices.

As with all other Business Internet products, you can also choose to add a Vodacom Voice bundle to your package.

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These are just three of the five options available to businesses looking to get connected. Visit Vodacom Business Internet’s website to learn more about their full range of offerings, or view the information below.

Vodacom Business Comparison
Product Business Internet LTE Business Internet Fibre Business Internet Wireless Business Internet Satellite Business Connect
Business Size Micro – Medium Small – Large Small – Large Small – Large (Rural / Limited LTE / Microwave coverage) Medium – Large
Upload/Download Varies Same Varies Varies Varies
Speed 25Mbps on average 100Mbps 80Mbps 8Mbps 100Mbps
Data Capped Uncapped Capped / Uncapped Capped Unlimited
IP Addressing Static Static Static Static Static
Router Included; Plug and Play Included and Fully Installed Included and Fully Installed Included and Fully Installed Included and Fully Installed
Free Services Free Activation LTE while you wait/Installation Installation N/A N/A

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Vodacom Business Internet keeps you connected