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Astadia teams up with Micro Focus and Microsoft to deploy FASTPaaS

Astadia recently announced a key agreement with Micro Focus and Microsoft. The partnership creates a new joint offering to deliver a more effective transition of legacy applications and elements to flexible, scalable cloud-based infrastructures on Microsoft Azure.

As part of the collaboration, customers will be able to migrate their mainframe assets via a joint Astadia and Micro Focus offering called FASTPaaS – a comprehensive suite of products and core methodologies designed to transform COBOL applications for next-generation digital infrastructures.

The solution is designed to transition core infrastructure elements directly to Microsoft Azure, the award-winning open, flexible, and enterprise-grade cloud computing platform.

“Astadia is committed to helping customers tap into the power of mainframe and legacy environments in this newly digital world. That’s why we’re so focused on building the best partnerships that drive the mainframe modernisation journeys,” said Steve Steuart, Chief Technology Officer at Astadia.

“Micro Focus has built a successful track-record with clients globally to keep critical systems alive, all while preparing for the next wave of modernisation on premier offerings like Microsoft Azure. This new joint offering is a win for our customers worldwide – allowing them to accelerate the pathway to cloud more effectively than ever before.”

Moving to the cloud

The shift from proprietary, mainframe-based infrastructures to flexible cloud computing models provides customers with significant opportunities to save time and money. In fact, a recent survey of senior IT decision-makers indicates that 94 percent are actively considering moving off mainframes, and 77 percent believe their organisations should have already initiated migration initiatives.

Another report notes that industry leaders expect a dramatic rise in the importance of physical vs. digital infrastructures – with nearly 60 percent of businesses counting on the latter by 2023.

Based on a proven methodology, government agencies are already actively utilising the FASTPaaS methodology to advance legacy environments via a “cloud-smart” approach.

“Customers understand the importance of cloud technology, but often aren’t sure how to get there. Mainframe environments just weren’t designed to deliver the flexibility and scalability critical to competing in this newly digital and mobile world,” said Chris Livesey, Senior Vice President, Modernisation at Micro Focus.

“This agreement with industry leaders like Astadia and Microsoft will go a long way towards enabling this modernisation shift, while not losing sight of the core technology that runs the business.”

Astadia’s extensive experience

The Astadia mainframe modernisation offering is backed by decades of experience and hundreds of successful migrations – helping customers to unlock infrastructure potential currently blocked by mainframe platforms.

Astadia’s approach is based on three core steps:

  • Mainframe Assessment
  • Mainframe Modernisation
  • Application Modernisation

The comprehensive process begins with full assessment of legacy technology, processes and resources to build a detailed journey map. During the next phase, a modernisation program is activated – migrating core infrastructure and application elements to leading cloud platforms, such as Microsoft Azure.

Once applications are independent from the mainframe, Astadia works on ongoing optimisation through refactoring and rewriting – alongside CI/CD and Automated Testing.

“Astadia has been migrating mainframes for the past 25 years. FASTPaaS is their latest framework for rapidly deploying mainframe-based applications to the Cloud,” said Bob Ellsworth, Director of Mainframe Transformation at Microsoft.

“With FASTPaaS, you will benefit from 25 years of expertise, and a proven methodology, for deploying your mainframe-based applications on Azure.”

To learn more about modernising mainframe environments with Astadia, or the new FastPaaS Program in conjunction with Micro Focus, visit Micro Focus’ website.

Readers can also explore all that Microsoft Azure has to offer on their website.

This article was published in partnership with Micro Focus.

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Astadia teams up with Micro Focus and Microsoft to deploy FASTPaaS